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Dubai press attends Seychelles press conference in large numbers

Dubai press attends Seychelles press conference in large numbers ( Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, who was being accompanied by Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, on Sunday addressed a press conference in Dubai as they transited back to the Seychelles after having been in Berlin for the 2014 ITB tourism trade fair.

The one day visit was the result of a request of some press members who had attended the 2013 Carnaval International de Victoria in Seychelles and who wanted to be updated on the coming 2014 edition of the event.

At the head table with Minister St.Ange and CEO Naiken were Mohamed AlGeziry and Ahmed Fathallah from the Seychelles Tourism Board Dubai Office and Aliette Esther from the Seychelles Tourism Board Abu Dhabi Office.

Sabrina Agathine, the Head of Marketing at Air Seychelles, had also flown to Dubai to be personally present for the press conference as the partner airline for the Carnaval International de Victoria.

After the screening of a DVD that showed the success of a previous edition of the unique Carnaval International de Victoria, Minister Alain St.Ange said, as he address the gathered press, that it was important to firstly update everyone on the state of the tourism industry in Seychelles.

“We are doing well, and we are experiencing continued growth in our tourism industry, the industry that remains the pillar of our economy. Our tourism industry is healthy, because we are managing it with passion, and because we continue to appreciate the work and the efforts being done by our partners; these are the tour operators and their travel agents and also the press fraternity," Minister St.Ange said.

The Minister then went on to explain in detail the policy of diversification of markets adopted by the Seychelles Tourism Board, and he spoke on the promotion of Seychelles using the island`s culture and in so doing the people of Seychelles. He also explained and listed the niche markets identified by the Seychelles Tourism Board as important in the marketing of Seychelles.

Minister St.Ange then said: “Well, it is carnival time again soon In Seychelles," as he updated the 27 plus gathered press from Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the coming Carnaval International de Victoria which this year was being jointly co-hosted with the Seychelles by La Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte, and South Africa KwaZulu Natal. “The carnival that is staged annually in Seychelles remains unique, because it is the only carnival that brings together all the best and most known carnivals of the world to parade together and followed by cultural troupes from the community of nations. Yes, Notting Hill Carnival of the UK is coming, as is the Brazil Carnival, Italy Carnival, Dusseldorf Carnival of Germany, the Carnival from Trinidad and Tobago, the Carnival from Indonesia, and more. Some 18 counties have also confirmed their participation with their cultural troupes and this includes the USA of America on the one side to Bhutan on the other," the Minister explained.

The Seychelles Minister went on to explain that the Carnival International de Victoria was very much like a tourism trade fair with “countries from the community of nations making their destination more visible by flying their flag in the carnival and using their culture and people to showcase their country. One`s culture has the DNA of one`s country. This is yours as is the people of the country. No one can claim they have the same. Other unique selling points - many are reproducing beach scenes and claiming it to be their own, but the discerning travelers soon discover authenticity versus false claims. The era of just giving glossy brochures out is gone, as would-be visitors want more, and one such desire is to see the country`s own culture and to meet the people of the country they visit.”

The Carnival program for the 2014 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria was explained in detail, and the Minister assured the press present that this edition would be not only bigger but also better that the 2013 edition.

One-to-one interviews will be covered by three TV channels, a series of radio stations, as well as newspapers and magazines.

“We did a one-day transit stop to meet the press in what we are calling carnival dialogue, and we leave happy and contented with a job well done," Minister St.Ange said at the end of the press conference in Dubai.

Many of the press present are themselves traveling to the Seychelles to cover the 2014 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria that will be held from April 25-27.


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