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Minister says thank you to Seychelles for turning in extra large numbers for their end of year Christmas musical show

Minister says thank you to Seychelles for turning in extra large numbers for their end of year Christmas musical show ( The Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Alain St.Ange, has said that he was happy that the Seychellois public in their thousands rallied in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, for the end-of-year event of the ministry.

Last Friday, the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture, with the back-up of their National Arts Council, staged their “Christmas with the Stars” musical show on the grounds of the National Cultural Centre right in the center of Victoria. The national Cultural Centre is the headquarters of the Department of Culture and houses the offices of both the Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture and his PS. “This building is and remains the nerve center for not only the development, but also for the protection of culture in Seychelles," the Minister said after the musical show as he mixed with the crowd on the grounds of the National Cultural Centre.

The Minister and his PS, Benjamine Rose, were both delighted by the large crowd who had made the trip to Victoria for the Christmas musical show, and as they mingled with the artists and members of the choir who had performed at the musical show they asked these professionals to continue to make the National Cultural Centre their base. “It is you who can bring the soul of culture into the National Cultural Centre. We can have big impressive offices with immaculate grounds, but without you, without your presence and ongoing regular performances, we shall be failing, because we shall be without a soul. This is why we, as the Ministry, started during the Kreol Festival this year to recognize our performing artists as they were still alive with permanent stars in a Walk of Fame for musicians, right on the grounds of the National Cultural Centre. A continuation of this Walk of Fame is the collection of photographs of our performing artists, past and present, in the main corridor of the Ministry. This exercise we shall expand on with the support and in close collaboration with your association," the Minister said to the artists.

It is very evident that the National Cultural Centre is getting to be more and more reflective of the different aspects of the cultural identity of the islands. In the main lobby of the Centre a collection of covers of the different books on Seychelles has started to be mounted and displayed. Official framed photographs of past and present Ministers of Culture and those of tourism are there for all to see, and by the month of June, the National Collection of the works of art of the country will once again be going on display on a permanent basis.

Artists have welcomed the new drive by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. A few month ago, the popular artist, Jean Marc Volcy, called the new drive as a cultural revolution. This same message was re-echoed by performer Joseph Sinon last Saturday when he was addressing artists who had gathered at the nature trail of Copolia at Sans Soucis to help in the national campaign of tree planting. Mr. Sinon went on during his address to state publicly how happy he was with what was happening at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.


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