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SEALife, the guide to sea-based activities in Seychelles is issued

SEALife, the guide to sea-based activities in Seychelles is issued ( Kate Carolus, a contributor with articles in the SEALife Seychelles magazine, presented Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, with their first copy of the latest edition of the magazine.

Edition 4 – 2013 spells out the drive by Seychelles to go out for world records. The mid-ocean islands of the Seychelles has always been known to be a haven for big game fishing enthusiasts, but the fishing fraternity of the islands have, to a degree, remained rather timid in publicizing this unique asset of their islands.

The promoters of SEALife Seychelles chose the Seychelles Tourism Board’s annual end-of-year marketing meeting to unveil the latest edition of SEALife Seychelles, a publication which promises to cover a wide range of activities, sports, and topics related to the sea.

Present were the Minister, CEO, and senior officials of the Seychelles Tourism Board; key marketing representatives of the destination marketing’s body from all over the world responsible for marketing Seychelles; and members of the Marketing Committee of the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association.

The launch could not be more opportune given the national focus on the blue economy and the call by the Minister for Tourism at the close of last weekend’s SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of The Sea, to make the most of the potential that our seas - both below and above water- hold in drawing visitors to our shores – whether this be cruise tourism, diving, sports fishing, conservation, turtle observation, snorkeling, or yachting tapping into and developing niche markets.

This time around the magazine focuses on activities popular during the Southeast monsoon. Sailing is prominently featured in an account by Evangeline Goulding, who shares the history of the Sail Training Scheme, while Alain Alcindor covers current sailing activities and successes of Seychellois sailors in international tournaments.

As with each edition, an expert analysis of a particular fish is conducted – prominent Seychellois fisheries biologist, Joel Nageon de Lestang, focuses on the shark in a timely review as the heated debate on shark fishing and culling continues.

Turtles, sea birds, and fish aggregations, as well as fans of conservation efforts, will not be disappointed – Aurelie Duhec exposes the behavior of sea turtle hatchlings on Alphonse Island during the observation and monitoring program by the Island Conservation Society. Underwater, Tove Jorgensen explores fish aggregation habits and highlights the risks and the importance of protecting such sites. The relationship between sea birds and the health of the oceans is highlighted in an article by editor Arnold Chetty who selects Bird Island as an example to explain that beyond the annual birds’ eggs season, a lot is being done to ensure the sooty terns colony is not threatened with extinction.

Local International Game Fishing Association representative, Faizal Suleman, tells us that there are world records to be had in offshore fishing in Seychelles’ waters and challenges Seychelles anglers to go after them – following, of course, IGFA rules which are reproduced as a guide.

The season’s offshore fishing tournaments are featured complete with colorful photographs with special attention given to the 10th anniversary of the La Digue Off-shore tournament.

Henry Riggs-Miller continues his tales of the fantastic fishing off Denis Island along with an in-depth interview of the legendary Capt. Brad Philipps who he lured to fish with him off Denis Island.

A taste of the new fishing season of the south islands is covered – from fly fishing on Alphonse and Astove to game fishing off Desroches, and reports of the great fishing by the first expeditions to return to Cosmoledo after years of being closed was also welcomed. The cover highlights a fish sailfish on the fly at Desroches.

The magazine traces the history of the annual underwater SUBIOS, now rebranded as the Seychelles Festival of the Sea, and which celebrated its tenth anniversary. Two anchor persons of this festival, Elizabeth Fideria and Glynis Rowat, reveal their favorite diving spots.

On land and under the sea, Young Jean-Paul Lebon highlights the benefits brought by Seychelles’ dive schools, resorts, and NGOS in the Academy By the Sea.

A welcome addition is the News Notes section which updates on developments and newsworthy items, and this issue ranges from changes in the port dues and regulations, news of great sponsorship deals, prizes for the fishing tournaments, and the launch of new vessels.

SEALife keeps a close eye on important commercial events as depicted by Kate Carolus who looks at the new directions of Oceana Fisheries and the reminder that “Oil and Whales don’t Mix,” as seen through the watchful eye of Dr. Nirmal Shah.

The magazine ends with a list of IGFA fish in Seychelles and looks ahead by publishing the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club’s calendar of fishing tournaments for 2014-2015.

The look and feel of the magazine now matches international standards while the content remains unique and reveals the efforts being put for by people from all walks of life to take care of Seychelles’ pristine marine environment.

The 4th edition of the 56-page SEALife Seychelles magazine, which is published twice a year, drew immediate praise from sea lovers and land lubbers alike with and attractive and colorful design and its range of insightful content.

The feedback on the magazine has been encouraging:

“People keen on sport fishing cannot miss conservation topics and vice versa – conservationists and fans of sports fishing can learn from each other.”

“Exceptional quality and insightful articles as well. Well done and keep up the great work of promoting sea-based activities in Seychelles.”

“SEALife showcases what is hinted about at meetings – our maritime environment, resources, blue economy, leisure, conservation, yachting, diving, and fishing.”

“Great layout, photos, and articles.”

“Great cover photo!”

Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, said as he was presented with his copy of the magazine that he needed to congratulate the team who worked on yet another great issue of SEALife. “It is not only colorful and carries pictures that speak thousands of words, but the articles are well balanced and interesting. I take this opportunity to wish the editor and his whole team continued success. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Tourism Board value this magazine and support it fully," Minister St.Ange said.

PHOTO: Kate Carolus from SEALife Seychelles handing over the first copy of the magazine to Minister Alain St.Ange, Minister of Tourism and Culture


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