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Dubai One TV Channel – Out & About show in the Seychelles islands

Dubai One TV Channel – Out & About show in the Seychelles islands ( Thursday, October 24, 2013, saw a team of seven people from Dubai One TV Channel “Out&About” show boarding the Air Seychelles flight HM019 at 0850hrs from Abu Dhabi International Airport, and heading to the Seychelles islands for the first time since the show was launched in 2004.

Out&About is one of the top three shows watched on Dubai One TV Channel, which produces 3-6 shows per season, and the main focus is on international must-do destinations. Being a free to air network, the show is watched by UAE’s diverse multi-cultural audiences including the local Emiratis. It has the potential to reach 365 million households in the MENA region, parts of Eastern and Sub- Saharan Africa.

Jasmine Sheth/Mehta, the producer of the show, has been longing to host a show on the Seychelles for quite some time and, through Gulf Reps Ltd, got in touch with the Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles, where one of the STB offices is based, to organize the trip.

“As part of our marketing activities, here at the Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles, Abu Dhabi,” Miss Esther, Tourism Attache at the Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles, said, “we have to constantly be working with the media (newspapers, magazines, TV Stations, radio stations etc.) to spread the word ‘Seychelles’ across a broader spectrum so as to entice potential first-time visitors to our beautiful and unique islands, as well as those who have already visited them before.”

At the airport, Ms. Esther assisted an over-excited crew with all their formalities at the airport before boarding the plane, but not without taking a group photo as a souvenir first. They were all looking forward to see how the Seychelles islands were, as well as try all the local dishes they had heard about: octopus curry, grilled fish, banana and cassava chips, to name but a few. Layne Redman and Punam Verma, the two famous presenters of the show, could hardly wait to reach the shores of Mahe to witness the reputed beauty of the islands, taste the tantalizing dishes and experience the Creole joie-de-vivre. Sporting a tropical hat and a gleaming smile, Poonam did not even look back as she boarded the plane, although she knew full well that this trip was a work-related one. But can one blame her for her effusive mood?

The team’s itinerary will take them to some of the famous places around the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue as well as the annual Festival Kreol, 2013. They have indicated that they will also be participating in some of the activities at the event as they are prone to do in all of their shows.

“It goes without saying that Out&About show will be an excellent publicity for the Seychelles islands in general, as well as Air Seychelles - our national airline and main sponsor for this media trip, the hoteliers (Constance Ephelia Resort&Spa and Raffles, Praslin), as well as the local destination management companies, Creole Travel Services and 7o South. The local restaurants, such as La Plaine St Andre Restaurant, Marie Antoinette, Pink Salt, Zerof and Bonbon Plume restaurants will also get their fair share of publicity,” Miss Esther said.

While in the Seychelles, the Out&About team will be filming at least 6-7 minutes of pure promotion footage in their 21-25 minutes episode 1 from Mahe and 21-25 minutes episode 2 from Praslin. The main focus of these episodes will be the restaurants at the hotel, the spas, the local décor, and the activities that are available in the Seychelles.

The promotion will air on Dubai One TV Channel on high frequency (approximately 10 times per day for 5-7 days), and will be mentioned on popular social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with different creative visuals so as to tease their fans.

Out&About Facebook:

Out&About Twitter: @DubaiOneTV#OutAndAboutOnline


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