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As curtain closed on 2013 Seychelles-India Day Celebrations an even bigger edition is already in the planning for 2014

As curtain closed on 2013 Seychelles-India Day Celebrations an even bigger edition is already in the planning for 2014 ( The curtains closed on the 2013 edition of the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations with a stunning finale at an open-air Gala Evening in Freedom Square in the center of Victoria. Some of the great Bollywood celebrities flown to the islands for the first edition of the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations put up a stunning performance at Freedom Square. The god of Indian percussion, Sivamani, opened the gala evening mesmerizing the crowd with tunes coming out from a water dispenser and a suitcase.

The great Sivamani, who’s been gifted with the talent of transforming any object into a musical instrument, submerged Victoria, the Seychelles capital, into the most magnificent tune of Indian drums. As rightly put, Sivamani’s “rhythm is God. My first drum sound was my mother’s heart when I was in her wound,” and the sound he produced from beating his different instruments is as powerful as that of a heartbeat.

Akriti Kakar, the star of the moment who has captivated everyone by her beauty and with her honey voice, has been the talk of the town throughout the three days of the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations. She made her entrance after Sivamani’s performance with a series of rhythmic songs. The stunning Ushoshio Sengupta, the host of the evening, presented her to the audience as “the complete package of grace, elegance, beauty, and talent.” Her performance opened the way for Terrence Lewis, India’s contemporary dance guru, the ace of Indian choreography and his dancers from the Terrence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company (TLCDC).

Terrence and his team staged a fantastic repertoire, telling the story of Bollywood music and dance from 1950 to the present day.

The open-air performance in the center of Victoria on Sunday, October 6, was also the day marking the 100th anniversary of Bollywood cinema.

What a perfect way to crown it with the Gala Evening, showcasing the known talents of Bollywood. Mr. Thanglura Darlong, the Indian High Commissioner to Seychelles, was given the honor to say a few words to close the Gala Evening. The Indian High Commissioner said that “a few months ago we thought about the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations in a very small way, but it has turned out many times bigger. We now look forward to next year for an even bigger event.”

The popular Bollywood Star, Mr. R. Madhavan, the guest of honor of the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations, said he will not forget such a beautiful trip.

“My presence here is an honor that I will pay back by boasting about Seychelles. The hospitality has been exceptional, so I am going to take this back with me, and I will surely come back for more.”


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