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Medicinal plants from Reunion included in French pharmacopeia

Medicinal plants from Reunion included in French pharmacopeia ( On August 1, 2013, 16 medicinal plants from Reunion were added to the French pharmacopeia. It is an official recognition of traditional ancestral knowledge in terms of pharmacopeia on Reunion. This addition, alongside medicinal plants from Martinique and Guadeloupe, is a sign of real cultural, economic and social progress in support of overseas French territories.

The addition of medicinal plants from Reunion to the French pharmacopeia has been supported by The French Association for the Development, Defense and Promotion of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ADPAPAM) and The Association for Aromatic and Medicinal Plants of Reunion (APLAMEDOM). This addition has been done in collaboration with a steering committee made up of chemists, pharmacists, botanists, a representative from the agricultural world and tisaneurs (herbal healers in Reunion), as well as producers. The Reunion Department for Food, Agriculture and the Forest, the national park of Reunion, the French Forestry Commission and environmental protection associations have also been part of the project.

The choice of plants has required a stock take of those already there as well as a long analysis. In total there were 23 plants that were selected by the steering committee, all, or nearly all, endemic or indigenous on the island. At the request of the French National Drug and Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM), a scientific committee was put in place to create 23 monographs (detailed studies). Of the 23 plants presented, 16 were kept.

Now the official addition of these medicinal plants marks not only an official recognition of the traditional pharmacopeia of French overseas territories, but also the knowledge of the tisaneurs, who are the local guardians and ambassadors. Thus, a better understanding of Reunion vegetal biodiversity should facilitate the production and transformation of well-being products on Reunion.

Beyond this, the aim of this classification is to offer, on the one hand, a better understanding of these plants that are consumed by the local population, and on the other to highlight the economic context of them in terms of farming and turning them into products.

The list of medicinal plants from Reunion added to French pharmacopeia.

- Antirhea borbonica (leaves)
- Pittosporum senacia (leaves)
- Vepris lanceolata (leaves)
- Aphloia theiformis (leaves)
- Ayapana (leaves)
- Cafe marron or Ramosmania rodriguesii (leaves)
- Dodonaea viscosa (leaves)
- Hubertia ambavilla (leaves)
- Hypericum lanceolatum (top of the flowers, flowers, leaves)
- Jumellea fragrans (leaves)
- Mussaenda arcuata (leaves)
- Nuxia verticillata (leaves)
- Olea europaea subsp. Cuspidate (leaves)
- Psiloxylon mauritianum (leaves)
- Ochrosia borbonica (bark, leaves)

MEDIA CONTACT: Liliana Rossi, Communication Manager, Reunion Island Tourism Board, Tel: +33 810 160 000, Fax: +262 262 21 00 21, Email: , Web:

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