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Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation gets the Minister for Tourism & Culture and the Indian High Commissioner in their studio for a live radio program on the first Seychelles-India Day Celebrations

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation gets the Minister for Tourism & Culture and the Indian High Commissioner in their studio for a live radio program on the first Seychelles-India Day Celebrations ( Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation gets the Minister for Tourism&Culture and the Indian High Commissioner in their studio for a live radio program on the first Seychelles-India Day Celebrations

“Today the time is right for Seychelles to mark the presence and the part played by the Indian Community settlement in our country since 1770. Seychelles-India Day Celebrations will help us mark the friendly Indo-Seychelles ties,” was the statement echoed by Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, in a live radio program on Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation.

Minister St.Ange was appearing on a live radio program, “Lanbyans labrin,” together with Mr. Thanglura Darlong, the Indian High Commissioner to Seychelles to explain why Seychelles was hosting Seychelles-India Day Celebrations. Both the Seychelles Minister and the Indian High Commissioner had come out to clarify the reasoning behind this cultural event. Both personalities were being interviewed by the popular Thelma Pool, an experienced and respected Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation radio producer.

Minister Alain St.Ange also used the airwaves to explain why the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations was being organized as a back-to-back event with the Seychelles annual Festival Kreol which was marking its 28th edition this year.

“The Seychelles-India Day Organizing Committee had chosen October to host the event because it falls within the context of India’s hundred years of Bollywood cinema. When the idea was put forward to organize a Seychelles-India Day as a recognition to its part played in nation building by the Indian community of Seychelles and as a recognition of the excellent bilateral ties that Seychelles enjoys with India, it was felt that the month of October was the appropriate timing to showcase through India’s hundred years of Bollywood cinema, the modern landscape of the India of today. From the beginning of October, India’s hundred years of Bollywood cinema will be celebrated world-wide, and Seychelles will be a stop for the Bollywood stars. It is true that for the past 28 years Seychelles has dedicated the month of October for its Festival Kreol, but one out of two events falling in October will open the month and the second one will close the month. This year, we can reassure Seychelles that our Festival Kreol is being given a new makeover. The committee organizing the festival is putting in a lot of energy to make this edition as spectacular as Seychelles expects of its main cultural event. Festival Kreol will be pitched to new heights. We can assure everyone that Festival Kreol will continue to have its rightful place on our country's calendar of events for the month of October. The Seychelles-India Day Celebrations will be a different cultural event, and it will find its rightful place as well on our annual calendar of events as it reinforces our country's excellent ties that exist with India,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

Responding to the comment that the Seychelles-India Day could overshadow the annual Festival Kreol because of the massive publicity around the event, Minister Alain St.Ange said that as a proud Seychellois, he is, and he will remain, committed to stand behind the Seychelles Festival Kreol and ensure that it maintains its rightful position as the biggest cultural event staged in Seychelles. “But as Seychellois we need to also be proud of the five historical ties we have that makes us the Seychellois people we are today. We have always looked at our French ties as we have maintained our British ties. We have also consolidated our third branch through our Africa Day. We needed to be also be true to ourselves and mark our historical Indian and Chinese ties, and this we have now started doing," the Minister said.

“It is not only known, but it is accepted that the important Indian community is strong. It is also true that they will use their strength to bring to Victoria the taste of incredible India. As a nation we need to enjoy what a section of our diverse community can stage, and we all need to be part of this great event that our country is staging for us all. I believe that the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations will bring something totally different to what Seychelles has ever staged as a cultural event. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is geared more than ever before to use the diversity of our culture to promote Seychelles tourism, but we are also set to use the same diversity of culture to allow the Seychellois to discover more of what the world of culture holds,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture said that there is today the political will to recognize the historical ties of the country, and this has made the Seychelles-India Day Celebrations possible. The appreciation of Seychelles’ historical roots will also bring early in 2014 a Seychelles-China Day Celebration.

“Today, the political goodwill from both parties has made the Seychelles-India Day a must-attend event. As a country we have recently taken another symbolic step by announcing our first Seychelles-China festival 2014. This will complete the recognition of all the branches that make up our identity as nation,” Minister St.Ange said, adding that the first Seychelles-China festival will be celebrated on January 31, 2014 at the same time as China celebrates its spring festival.

“As we shall be closing the first Seychelles-India Day Celebrations, we shall be announcing the hosting of the first Seychelles-China festival. The Chinese festival will show our attachment to our Chinese origin, and thus complete celebrating the fifth branch of our culture. We will mark the Chinese festival by putting the foundation stone of the ‘pagoda’ building. I believe that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is today giving a new dimension to what we say is our culture, and every Seychellois should today see him or herself implicated in the development of our country's culture’” Minister St.Ange said.

In wanting to ensure that the Seychelles-India Day celebrations is an event of perfection, the Alchemist, an Indian group overseeing the 65 Bollywood stars coming to Seychelles, was in Seychelles on a three-day mission to conduct a site visit at Freedom Square and International Conference Centre (ICCS) where the stars will be performing. H.E. Thanglura Darlong, the Indian High Commissioner to Seychelles, said that the Seychelles-India Day committee is “ready for the first Seychelles-India Day celebrations.” He said that the beauty of Seychelles is enticing the Bollywood celebrities to come to Seychelles islands.

“The beauty of Seychelles is attracting the celebrities to come to our shore. Many of them have heard the name of Seychelles for the first time. So we have to tell them about the islands and its beauty to convince them to come to Seychelles and participate in the first Seychelles-India Day celebrations,” H.E. Thanglura Darlong said, adding that there is a lot of publicity in India about the first Seychelles-India Day Celebrations.

“Whatever publicity we are doing here, we’ve brought it back to India also. We are using many of our agencies in India to promote this event, and we are happy that the turn-out is so positive,” said the Indian High Commissioner.

When asked by Thelma Pool what message he had for the Indian community living in Seychelles, H.E. Thanglura Darlong said that his message is “know each other better and strengthen friendship through this first Seychelles-India Day Celebrations.”


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