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The “Seychelles Big 5” music show takes off… first show provides a taste of things to come

The “Seychelles Big 5” music show takes off… first show provides a taste of things to come ( Derek Savy reported for the Today Newspaper of Seychelles of the first show staged following the announcement that the biggest names in Seychelles music had got together for a tour of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands region before moving to showcase the Seychelles music on a wider audience on the world stage.

Derek Savy writes: “The newly-formed 'Seychelles Big 5’ grouping of prominent artistes staged their first dress rehearsal on Saturday, July 27, at the International Conference Centre before a crowd of devoted fans and dignitaries.

The show kicked off a series of promotional activities aimed at raising funds for their regional tour due to be held in some Indian Ocean countries namely Mayotte, Comoros, Reunion, Mauritius, and Madagascar in July next year.

The 'Seychelles Big 5’ formally launched earlier last week, comprising prominent stars, namely Sandra Esparon, Jean-Marc Volcy, Joseph Sinon, Elijah and Patrick Victor.

The performance was a taste of what is to come when the show really gets on the road a year from now. All of the artistes are popular in the region and have toured individually. They are now teaming up together to provide audiences with a power-packed musical package that is bound to take Seychelles’ local music to new heights.

A crowd of ardent followers gathered to celebrate the official kick-off concert, waiting with bated breath to discover what their idols had in store for them. And they were not disappointed as funnyman Joseph Sinon (“Pa Tous Tous”) introduced the show with a hilarious sketch. Joseph then ushered in the Tourism&Culture Minister Alain St.Ange who gave a brief speech to launch the evening.

The curtain was drawn as Jean-Marc Volcy pumped the volume with three pulsating sega rhythms in his own inimitable trademark, which has reverberated throughout the Indian Ocean. Veteran Patrick Victor then joined him on stage. Patrick retraced the Seychelles musical heritage with his popular numbers that symbolized Creole music renaissance of the early eighties. He took the opportunity to “tip his hat” to Minister Alain St.Ange for throwing his weight behind the project. He termed this new venture as “unprecedented,” stressing that soon the “moutia” will be coming to Victoria again (alluding to the massive opening ceremony program that is being proposed for the Creole Festival in October).

Patrick then introduced his “little brother,” Elijah, on stage. He took the show to another level with his unique reggae-tinged Creole numbers, pumping up the volume, getting the crowd into a wild frenzy with his “pous sa dife” anthem. He even rapped and adapted a song to fit the occasion incorporating the names of the two ministers (St.Ange and Sinon) who were in attendance as the crowd went into raptures.

Elijah is a real showman. No doubt the best in the business! He engaged the audience with his quips and colorfully explained the drive of the “Big 5” as members of a ship setting sail on a mission with him as deckhand supplying the fire to power the engine. His allusion of them being the five fingers of a hand that fold into a fist to pack a punch is the perfect depiction of what’s to come when the show gets on the road next year.

Next up was the “baby” of the bunch but by no means a novice. Sandra Esparon has singlehandedly established herself as an icon of Seychelles’ modern era of talented artistes. Her fame in the Indian Ocean is quite remarkable and as a youngster, she has achieved a lot, fitting in perfectly among this ensemble of veterans.

Her introduction into this “Big 5” mix provides an element of sparkle, and the rest of the cast members surely see themselves through this young rising star. It is easy to spot the mutual feeling between them, and her style seems to bind them all together – it is truly the beginning of a musical fusion among these performers.

When comedian cum entertainer-showbiz man Joseph Sinon took to the stage, the crowd was primed for a party! Joseph provided the vibration that rocked the hall with his classic spiced-up moutia numbers. He followed that with an impromptu potpourri of Creole hits and got the crowd to sing along, working his magic in his signature showbiz fashion. He also seized the occasion to thank Minister St.Ange personally for his unwavering support to the project and paid a short tribute to the departed Francois Havelock in a fitting finale. Despite a solid two hours of pulsating music, the crowd was crying out for more.

And the “Big 5” has embarked on a historical adventure. A journey to take Seychelles’ music to new heights. It will hopefully position the country’s culture and the Seychelles destination at the forefront of the cultural tourism spectrum.

It is a giant leap and a significant link in a chain being built around Seychelles culture. The wave has gathered momentum, as veteran artiste Jean-Marc Volcy dubbed, “This is truly a cultural revolution which the Minister is spearheading."


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