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Places&Faces highlights the adventures of sailing the Seychelles’ sapphire seas

Places&Faces highlights the adventures of sailing the Seychelles’ sapphire seas ( The Places&Faces magazine in the UK has come out with a three-page article on the highlights and adventures of sailing in the beautiful sapphire waters of the Seychelles.

The article, entitled “Saphhire Seas,” is written by journalist Kate Morfoot who together with her sister, chose to go for a yacht for their trip in the Seychelles instead of the traditional hotel accommodation.

She says the booking process was as easy as booking a hotel, but this time the experience was much more adventurous as opposed to being in a hotel where you simply swelter on a sun lounger.

Being on a deck in a destination as the Seychelles, she writes that the experience means that you are “seeing it, living it, and breathing it, and, at every ebb and flow, something new and exciting is upon you.”

“Be it a shoal of blue mackerel leaping up from below the surface, little white Fairy Terns flying over you, or a small island inhabited only by palm trees and seagulls passing by, there’s the magic of the Seychelles all there for you to see…,” she writes.

Kate also says that sailing in the Seychelles can be a cheaper alternative to a hotel, depending on what a visitor is looking for.

But after her own experience, she feels that sailing gives one the opportunity to “get involved,” such as hoisting the sails, steering the yacht, and weighing the anchor. She adds that many boat charters offer the opportunity for big-game fishing or scuba diving, but in their case, they settled for snorkeling as they wanted to see plenty of marine life.

She also speaks of the many evenings of simply star-gazing from the deck as they planned their next adventures and recovered from the day’s explorations.

Swimming with a Hawksbill turtle and also walking among giant tortoises on one of the islands are some of the highlights of the journalist’s and her sister’s all-girl sailing trip to the Seychelles.

Kate stresses that despite staying on the yacht, they also made time to go on land and visit different attractions and islands.

She writes that food was also a big part of her trip to Seychelles, and their yacht occasionally moored near some of the five and six hotels, which offer amazing buffets and cocktails.


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