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Mega Mascarun: the adventure continues

Mega Mascarun: the adventure continues ( After discovering the seaside coast of the island and enjoying its sandy beaches and its preserved lagoon, on Tuesday, participants of Mega Mascarun headed south and east, to meet the volcano and vivid water. It was an eventful day that ended with a traditional Creole evening as a guest at a Villele table.

It was an early wake-up for the three French groups who took to the road at 6:00 am for the Piton de la Fournaise. Plaine des Sables, worthy of a sci-fi setting, was just around a corner, revealing the red serpentine road that leads to the volcano. Arriving at around 8:30 am, participants were able to admire the Piton de la Fournaise since No Bellecombe. The view overlooks the enclosure and provides a unique overview for all visitors - a splendid masterpiece where red slag mixes with black basalt. At 9:30, it was time to begin the third challenge of Mega Mascarun France for the three groups. The day’s program would include a race, a treasure hunt, a recumbent bike, and a quad. It was a pleasant surprise for challengers who discovered the original activities almost by instinctive practice. Convinced they were correct, they did not hesitate to delight onlookers.

At the same time, two of the three European groups from Belgium and Germany, visited the East Coast, the most luxuriant side of the island. The Swiss, meanwhile, took the direction of the Southern Wild. There was a whitewater challenge for each group with rafting on the River Porpoises at St. Benedict, as well as snorkeling at Basin Peace in Bras-Panon and the Langevin river. The 1:30 challenge took place at the source of the crystalline waters at the top of the mountains of the island. It was a head-to head challenge between man and mineral.

All these outdoor activities, makes one hungry, so it was on to a lunch of deserved Creole specialties, and then teams divided for the last challenge of the day.

The French went to St. Peter's for a quiz. Divided into three groups, they respectively visited the Domaine du Cafe Grilled Saga du Rhum and St. Peter for a tourist rally named “Saint-Pierre Express." The afternoon was spent addressing cultural and religious aspects of Reunion Island in the forms of coffee, sugar cane, and places of worship. Reunion Island also was seen through mix of the population, rich in its European and Asian, African, Malagasy origins – a delightful cultural mix also found on the plates of food.

For their part, the Belgians were able to visit a vanilla plantation located on the Domaine du Grand Hazier in Sainte-Suzanne. With concentration and focus they were faced with the rigors of correctly answer questions during a quiz. Then it was time for a fun visit to the land of vanilla, where the pollination process was discovered in 1841 by Edmond Albius, a young slave and native of this beautiful country. The Germans and Swiss participated in a tourist rally, respectively, in Hell-Bourg in Salazie, and along the southwest coast of the island. The goal for these two groups: a photo safari in search of remarkable sites, followed by a quiz.

After the tests, it was time to transfer to their hotels. The Metropolitan, Belgian, Swiss, and Germans were treated to Villele with a typical Creole evening dinner table. Dishes were served in a traditional manner in banana leaves, while a full-color folk troop entertained, along with Castelnau, who presented the program of events at the meeting and hosted the event. It was a good overview of the art of living Creole for all participants of Mega Mascarun.

Tomorrow brings new adventures!

Classifications as of Tuesday, June 11, 2013

• Group 1 France - Boucan Canot

- 1 yellow
- 2 purple
- 3 pink
- 4 brown
- 5 red
- 6 blue
- 7 green meadow
- 8 green apple

• Group 2 France – Reef

- 1 Choka - navy
- 2 Auntie - pink
- 3 Kalou Pounded - green meadow
- 4 Tamarin - brown
- 5 Lev Gayar - yellow
- 6 Tang - purple
- 7 Grand Anse - green apple
- 8 Roll - red

• Group 3 France

- 1 Iloha Kabar - pink
- 2 Rougail - red
- 3 Zambrocal - yellow
- 4 Chouchou - green apple
- 5 Manapany - navy
- 6 Pinpin - brown
- 7 Zevi - green
- 8 Bringelle - purple

• Group Belgium – Alamanda

- 1 Dimitile - green meadow
- 2 Fanjan - green apple
- 3 Bichique - blue
- 4 Pitaya - pink
- 5 Massale - yellow
- 6 Margouillats - purple
- 7 Guava - red
- 8 Vacoa - chocolate

• Group Switzerland - The Nautilus Group

- 1 Gadiamb
- 2 Moring
- 3 Letchi
- 4 Iron Hole
- 5 Furnace
- 6 Salazie
- 7 Dodo the LA
- 8 Samoussa

• Group Germany – Lux

- 1 Cilaos - yellow
- 2 Marla - purple
- 3 Takamaka - green apple
- 4 Mafate - brown
- 5 Volcano - red
- 6 Hermitage - blue
- 7 Belouve - pink
- 8 Salazie - green meadow

MEDIA CONTACT: Pascal Viroleau, Director, Ile de la Reunion Tourisme (IRT), Tel: +33 810 160 000, Fax: +262 262 21 00 21, Email: , Web:

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