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Day 1 Mega Mascarun: let's go for the challenges!

Day 1 Mega Mascarun: let's go for the challenges! ( The four teams from France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany have now joined the two French teams who arrived yesterday. During a lunch fete in the water, the starting tests were launched!

By late morning on Monday, teams for Mega Mascarun were full. Three teams of French travel agents, a Belgian team, another Swiss, and finally a German team are the vintage of this mega human adventure. All gathered on the beach of the Hermitage lagoon where a warm welcome was extended to them, along with coconut water, fresh fruit juice, and punch, not to mention the colorful spectacle offered by a folk band evolving to suit the hectic tempo of Maloya!

As promised, Katiana Castelnau welcomed all teams before turning the floor over to Viroleau Pascal, Director of the Reunion Island Tourism (IRT). The leaders of the France and Europe markets were addressed and a word of welcome extended for the German business ended the speech.

After lunch in the lagoon, the teams went to their first challenge for testing sea kayaking and stand-up paddle on LIVE beaches of Saline-les-Bains, the Hermitage and Trou d'Eau. At 1500 hours the water temperature was 25 degrees Celsius. In bright sunshine, the teams got into the water and gave the best of themselves to win the competition.

After this rather sporting event, it was time to test creativity. The teams returned to their hotels and made a cocktail according to predefined criteria. At nightfall, the flamboyant cocktails were similar as those that were created at sunset.

The first day ended in a friendly atmosphere, and tomorrow the adventures of Mega Mascarun continues!


• Team France 1 - Boucan Canot

1. Maloya
2. Flamboyant
3. Vanilla
4. Safran
5. Kayamb
6. Bertel
7. Ti Pepper
8. Langevin

• Team France 2 - Reef

1. Tamarin - Brown
2. The Gayar - Yellow
3. Kaloupile - Green Meadow
4. Choka - Navy
5. Pitching - Violates
6. Grand Anse - Green Apple
7. Auntie - Pink
8. Roll – Red

• Team France 3 - Iloha

1. Manapany
2. Rougail Sausages
3. Kabar
4. Pinpin
5. Zembrocal
6. Zevi
7. Chouchou
8. Bringelles

• Team Switzerland

1. Gadiamb - Purple
2. Litchi - Red
3. Moringue - Chocolate
4. Salazie - Green Meadow
5. Furnace - Pink
6. Hole iron - Green Apple
7. Samosa - Yellow
8. Dodo on the – Navy

• Team Belgium

1. Dimitile
2. Fanjan
3. Massale
4. Pitaya
5. Guava
6. Lizard
7. Bichique
8. Vacoa

• Germany Team

1. Brown
2. Red
3. Violet
4. Light Green
5. Rose
6. Dark green
7. Blue
8. Yellow

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MEDIA CONTACT: Pascal Viroleau, Director, Ile de la Reunion Tourisme (IRT), Tel: +33 810 160 000, Fax: +262 262 21 00 21, Email: , Web:

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