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Piton Anchaing of Reunion Island: when history gives way to legend

Piton Anchaing of Reunion Island: when history gives way to legend ( Piton Anchaing (enchanting gold), at 1,351 meters tall, is the summit of the legendary Salazie and volcanic caldera area of Reunion Island. Legendary for its story, right at the heart of Reunion Island folklore, Anchaing, a maroon slave, and his wife Heva, tried to flee the pro-slavery society of the 19th century. They left to take refuge on the outcrop, All, which today bears the name of Anchaing.

The legend of Anchaing tells of a rich slave owner on the east coast of Reunion Island, who was infatuated with a young slave named Heva. To spare themselves from the service of their masters, Anchaing decided to flee the company owner, and the young couple went to the Salazie where they decided to take shelter at the summit of a mountain famous for its steep edges.

Life, even though it was sometimes difficult, ran smoothly, and gave them several children. The peak they lived upon offered a wide panorama, so in the beginning, they felt this would allow them to see the arrival of any maroon slave hunters. However, as the years went by, they did not take into account that the slave hunters were still on their trail.

The infamous Bronchard, a professional hunter, ended up finding the family's tracks. It was this pathway that Anchaing found himself one day face to face with his armed persecutor. He did not hesitate for a second and decided to throw himself into the void to avoid the gunshots. Fortunately, he was only slightly injured and was able to keep living with his family for a few more peaceful years.

The terrible and tenacious Bronchard, who could not admit defeat, successfully surprised the rebel slave once more. It was at that moment that the legend takes its place in history. According to versions of the legend, Bronchard captured Anchaing, Heva and their children and brought them into bondage to their master. Some say that the master died, and his daughter freed both slaves and their offspring. Still yet other versions say Bronchard and Anchaing were both killed and Heva and their children were brought into slavery. Whichever the outcome, the story of Anchaing and Heva represent the desire for freedom and the struggle to obtain it.

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