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Seychelles Africa Day “FetAfrik 2013” celebrations launch program of events at press conference

Seychelles Africa Day “FetAfrik 2013” celebrations launch program of events at press conference ( The Seychelles Ministry of Tourism&Culture has unveiled the island’s Africa Day “FetAfrik 2013” program of events with the local press. In a joint press conference with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Benjamine Rose, the Principal Secretary for Culture detailed to the media the highlights of the three-day event planned for May 23-25.

Seychelles, which has a rich African culture, prides itself on upholding the protection of its African ancestry annually, as they host their annual “FetAfrik” celebrations. This event on the Celebrate Seychelles Annual Calendar of Events has left its mark on the Seychelles culture as it demonstrates the country’s cultural and historical ties with the African continent.

“FetAfrik 2013” celebrations are set to be more spectacular this year as it will embody a series of activities targeting the young, the adults, and those passionate about the African culture. The Seychelles “FetAfrik” celebrations will explore an emblematic figure of African folktales, “Soungoula,” through a culture talk and will take students and adults alike into Pan African and African renaissance lectures.

One of the most popular elements of the “FetAfrik 2013” celebrations will be an interactive and lively African bazaar housed in the garden of the National Cultural Centre, at the Offices of the Ministry of Tourism&Culture. This African bazaar will showcase the essence of African artifacts and cuisine. The planned African Gala Evening will transfix guests to a truly and uniquely unparalleled experience of African cuisine, music, and fashion. This spectacular evening will be offering a fantastic platform for all to come together, and it is set to showcase Seychelles’ African culture. “FetAfrik 2013” celebrations will end with an exhibition on May 15 tracing Seychelles’ involvement within the OAU/AU, as the body marks its 50th anniversary.

Benjamine Rose, Principal Secretary of Culture, said that Seychelles takes pride in the protection of its cultural and historical ties of its African origin. “’FetAfrik’, our Africa Day annual celebration epitomizes our Seychelles African heritage assets,” said Benjamine Rose.

“This year we’ve found it important to celebrate our African heritage by incorporating into the ‘FetAfrik’ celebrations three days of activities. ‘FetAfrik’ this year is open to the general public and to members of the local African communities. Activities for all ages are being organized for school children and for adults,” said Benjamine Rose.

Miss Rose explained that “FetAfrik 2013” celebrations will be overflowing with ideas that will inspire Seychelles.

“Our Organizing Committee has confirmed that we will produce excellent activities to mark Africa Day 2013. The time is right for each and every one of us to take ownership of our African heritage and to stand up to proclaim it loudly to the world. As small as we are, we can inspire Africa. We do inspire the world already with our African cultural ties,” said Benjamine Rose.

PHOTO: Principal Secretary for Culture Benjamine Rose outlining FetAfrik calendar of events at press conference / Photo from Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


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