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Seychelles celebrating the centenary of a magnificent edifice – State House

Seychelles celebrating the centenary of a magnificent edifice – State House ( In a special ceremony held at State House this afternoon commemorating 100 years since the inauguration of State House, President James Michel was presented with a book entitled “Seychelles, State House – Centenary of Inauguration.”

“We are celebrating the centenary of a magnificent edifice this year and we know this edifice is an integral part of our patrimony known as Government House up to Independence. State House stands proudly in the centre of Victoria and bares testimony of the rich history of our country,” said President Michel in his remarks.

Upon the request of President Michel to issue a book about State House this occasion, the Minister for Tourism&Culture, Alain St.Ange collaborated with writer and chief Tourism Board copywriter and consultant, Mr. Glynn Burridge as well as other staff from the Seychelles Tourism Board and Department of Culture to work on this well-defined coffee table book.

The President congratulated Minister St. Ange and his team for the excellent work they have produced and wished that they will continue to produce other important documents as this one for the history of Seychelles.

“The publication of this excellent book is timely and I think it is a big contribution to the documents that already exist on State House and I hope that in the future there will be more to come, more publications on the different aspects of the State House and also history relating to State house,” said President Michel.

The 84-page publication shows the history of State House, from the French and British administrators of Seychelles in the colonial era until its modern period when it became the residence and focal point for the administration of a line of governors, until recent times and the presidencies of Sir James Richard Mancham, Mr. France Albert Rene and Mr. James Alix Michel. The images depict various aspects of the country's history, its evolution as well as different architecture of the foremost office of the land, complemented by a history of the building and its status over a one hundred year period as a barometer of political and social change in the islands and witness to their colorful history.

“This book, Seychelles State House – Centenary of Inauguration, and hopefully, others like it, will present readers both at home and abroad with a unique opportunity to acquaint, or to reacquaint themselves with our country, with our society and with our evolution as a nation and as a people,” said the Minister in his speech.

He continued: “For us Seychellois, these books are reminders of who we are, these books are reminders from where we have come and how, together, we have woven the tapestry of our history from disparate ethic threads stretching to the four corners of the planet. The State House Book is such a reminder as, standing like a sentinel at the gates of Victoria for one hundred years, it has been observer of, and also actor in, much of the political and social changes that have seen us transformed from a secluded group of all but forgotten islands, to a nation of proud people who are now playing a full role on the world stage alongside the community of nations.”

The guests present were invited to view the books for themselves, which the Office of the President will be using as gifts to dignitaries.

PHOTO: President James Michel receives a copy of the book from Alain St.Ange


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