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Seychelles and the United Kingdom sign Memorandum of Understanding as Rappicc Building officially opens

Seychelles and the United Kingdom sign Memorandum of Understanding as Rappicc Building officially opens ( On Monday, February 25, 2013, Seychelles and the United Kingdom formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding, guiding the operations of the Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecutions Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPICC), after the new building that will house partner agencies from allied nations, was officially opened.

Signing on behalf of the Republic of Seychelles was Minister Joel Morgan, the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport and Chairman of the High Level Committee on Piracy, and on behalf of the United Kingdom, Honorable Alistair Burt MP, Minister for Maritime Security.

This signing follows on from an agreement signed between Seychelles President James Michel and UK Prime Minister David Cameron during the President’s visit to the United Kingdom last year, for the creation of RAPPICC with the purpose of gathering intelligence for the use by law enforcement agencies, in order to provide necessary evidence for prosecutions related to piracy activity in both this region and around the world.

The Operational MOU signed by the Ministers defines the operational process, legislative framework, and information sharing policy of RAPPICC so that Seychelles can finally host its partners and begin the important work of undermining the piracy business model by bringing pirate leaders, financiers, and enablers to justice and depriving them of the proceeds and benefits of their crimes.

Minister Morgan said that RAPPICC represents the best practical opportunity for collaboration within the region in the targeting of key piracy and other crime networks and that its establishment today by Seychelles and the United Kingdom, in conjunction with its partners from the international community, is a clear and unambiguous signal of the collective political will to proactively answer the challenge of transnational crime with an effective transnational response.

“With the operation of RAPPICC, we can demonstrate that the exercise of the Rule of Law is possible by putting pirate organizers and kingpins such as Abdullahi Hassan Afweyne, Mohamed Garfanje Ali Dulai, and their financiers, negotiators, and facilitators on trial, to face their victims here in Seychelles and elsewhere,” said Minister Morgan.

Seychelles is a co-founder of the RAPPICC along with the United Kingdom and is host to the center, which is located at the former facilities of the Seychelles Coast Guard.


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