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Following his coverage of the carnival in Seychelles, Mr. Jean Clement Cangy in Le Mauricien chronicle says culture is the bloodlife of tourism

Following his coverage of the carnival in Seychelles, Mr. Jean Clement Cangy in Le Mauricien chronicle says culture is the bloodlife of tourism ( Mauritian author and journalist, Jean Clement Cangy, has taken time to spell out in the Le Mauricien newspaper the parallel between culture and tourism. “Culture is the lifeblood of tourism, for without culture there is no tourism,” said Jean Clement Cangy. However true this statement seems to be, it appears to Jean Clement Cangy that it fits well within the Seychelles context. The relationship between tourism and culture is being developed in harmony with community interest to protect and preserve traditional culture. Highlighting the outcome of the interrelationship between tourism and sustainability as expressed in Seychelles Tourism Master Plan 2012-2020 of which the common goal was “to uphold the image of Seychelles as a unique Creole destination by ensuring that safety/ security, environmental and cultural conservation/ protection, as well as quality standards remain at the heart of the Seychelles destination competitiveness.”

Jean Clement Cangy said that tourism as a mechanism in the cultural promotion of Seychelles creates new space for new cultural encounters. The cultural diversity provides an assortment of experiences through contact with new cultures and cultural expression. This is why, as stated in the article of Le Mauricien newspaper, “much emphasis is being put on Seychelles as an event-based destination with the hosting of major events such as the ‘Festival Kreol,’ the annual ‘Carnaval International de Victoria,’ and the ‘Subios – Underwater Festival.’”

“This is a dynamic concept and tourism synergy,” described Jean Clement Cangy, “and its remains a beneficial plus for Seychelles, and it is contributing to an increase in tourism arrival in 2012.”

It appears to Jean Clement Cangy that the promotion of regional tourism can only be attained by using the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Organization concept to give visibility to the regional destinations.

“After taken the presidency of Vanilla Islands, the Seychelles pursued its drive to bring creativity to this organization which groups together Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Mayotte, Comoros, and Seychelles. The Vanilla Islands project has the merit and the advantage of weighing on the cultural values for promoting the islands as twin-center destinations, Mauritius–Reunion, Madagascar–Seychelles, Reunion- Madagascar, Mauritius–Seychelles, Seychelles-Reunion, Mauritius-Madagascar, for example, or tailor-made packages providing the ideal blend of beach and safari within Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the Vanilla Islands,” quoted Jean Clement Cangy in the Le Mauricien.

Highlighting his view in regards to the Mauritius position in the Vanilla Islands concept, Jean Clement Cangy, who is known for his openness and fervent defender of the valorization of the “sega” as a Mauritius cultural asset, went on to say that “the participation of Mauritius within the Vanilla Islands should be more dynamic, more proactive, and more visible.”

In 2014, the “Carnaval International de Victoria” he said will welcome a bigger group of international delegations. Dusseldorf from Germany, Notting Hill from UK, Trinidad&Tobago, Brazil, and even possibly Nice from France are set to become part of the melting pot of cultures. It will be another opportunity for the Vanilla Islands to benefit from maximum press visibility and to constitute this unique event as a promotional tool for pushing the organization forward.

“We are staging an event that has captured the imagination of the press, and we need to keep the uniqueness of the carnival always in mind, because this is what continues to attract the press,” outlined the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, to Jean Clement Cangy in an interview during the 2013 carnival in Seychelles.

PHOTO: Article of Jean Clement Cangy published in Le Mauricien newspaper / Image from Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


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