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Seychelles Petroleum Company expands its fuel farm to meet market demands

Seychelles Petroleum Company expands its fuel farm to meet market demands ( Seychelles Petroleum Company has its own dedicated oil depot or fuel farm constituting a spin-off to the country’s storage and distribution of fuel graded: fuel oil gasoil and the latest aviation fuel quality requirement for a jointly-operated system.

In a fast-moving economy where demand and supply for fuel consumption becomes the responsibility of the national distributor’s innovation approach to cater to market demand, it is highlighted as the Seychelles Petroleum Company’s prerogative.

The company’s fuel depot, providing a comprehensive range of oil products, is located at a strategic position with relatively little congestion in Port Victoria, ensuring a timely and efficient provision of services.

With current bulk fuel storage of 99,000 metric tons, Seychelles Petroleum Company is expanding its fuel farm with the construction of three more fuel tanks. Upon its completion in early 2013, Seychelles Petroleum Company is projecting an increase of fuel loading capacity by 55,300 metric tons enlarging its farm from 25 to 28 storage tanks. The company is also optimizing its usage and seeking opportunities for third parties looking to lease out storage space and hold strategic reserve in the region.

“Seychelles Petroleum Company’s advantage to uphold this new business model is that its infrastructures are in compliance with international regulatory, environmental, and safety standards, and its employees are well trained and experienced in bunkering, loading, and discharge of products in Port Victoria,” a company representative said.

Seychelles Petroleum Company’s depot structure ensures fast and reliable delivery to its consumers. The company’s success story is working to make fuel storage and domestic requirement of LPG gas as safe as possible so that consumers never run out of these commodities. The LPG storage and filling plant have a storage capacity of 2,200 metric tons which serves the country’s LPG supply for 6 months. Seychelles Petroleum Company main’s supplier is one of the world’s major oil and gas group, TOTAL. TOTAL provides the company’s fuel bulk on a contractual basis and uses some of Seychelles Petroleum Company tanks for storage whereas PETREDEC LTD, one of the largest independent LPG trading companies delivering across five continents, is Seychelles Petroleum Company’s main supplier of LPG.

“Seychelles Petroleum Company supplies tankers to TOTAL which discharges its products every 6 weeks on average. The products are either for TOTAL or Seychelles Petroleum Company. When TOTAL stores its product we can buy the product from them on a monthly basis. We do not always need to wait for supply tanker for replenishment as we organize an in-tank transfer from TOTAL,” the company representative added.

PHOTO: Seychelles Petroleum Company fuel tanks under construction / Photo from Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


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