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The Victoria Times – a new tri-weekly newspaper for Seychelles

The Victoria Times – a new tri-weekly newspaper for Seychelles ( Seychelles was still discussing the closure by the end of March of the newspaper, “The Rising Sun,” a daily newspaper that has served Seychelles for the past 6 years and was owned by Dr. V. T. Ramadoss, a well-known doctor and business figure in the Seychelles community, when news broke of the Seychellois entrepreneur by the name of Barry Laine who had announced that he was standing behind the launch of a new paper effective April.

Barry Laine, who was born in Seychelles, has returned to Seychelles to retire. He grew up in England where he rose up the ranks to very senior positions of CEO and Chairman of large corporations in the business environment working in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Japan, and Hong Kong. He has now moved to seize the opportunity to launch a new newspaper.

The new newspaper is called, “The Victoria Times,” a name chosen to reflect the endemic doctrines of the Seychellois people, but at the same time recognizing that times are changing and that culture must co-exist with new developments otherwise there can be no real progress. The newspaper's aims and objectives, said Barry Laine, are to promote the Seychelles attributes and beauty as a safe and still sought-after holiday and business destination where you can relax and still do business with the rest of the world, because Seychelles lies in a time window that allows business to be conducted with the Eastern and Western business centers of the world with great ease and cordiality. In addition, Seychelles, he says, is now connected to the rest of the world via a super highway of fiber-optic cable which opened up a whole new dimension to doing business in a relaxed atmosphere. The paper will be a tri-weekly newspaper to be published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and will sell at SR7.00.

“’The Victoria Times’ newspaper will be complemented by the arrival of Seashells Sounds FM, a new radio station currently being built in Seychelles, and this will be followed by a new TV service called Seashells Digital TV,” said Barry Laine.

The synergy of the three media houses will serve Seychelles well locally and globally and will complement each other as has never been done before in Seychelles. He went on to say that the most important element of these new media businesses is the creation of wealth opportunities for the population at large, small and big of all ages, and for overseas investors if they wish to participate. Barry Laine said shares in the newspaper and the radio station are available to be purchased at SR5.00 each, and when the newspaper goes in circulation on April 1, 2013 any shares left will be sold at a premium of SR10.00 each, thus doubling the share ownership value of the early investors who showed faith in the projects. The same thing applies to the radio station that is planned to go on air beginning July 1, 2013, where the SR5.00 share will be sold at SR10.00 each once the radio station is running. All shares rank pari passu and carry voting rights, and this is a good way of getting a high return on the investment.

Barry Laine continued to emphasize that with shares in the newspaper and/or the radio station, the return on investment will be 5 times more than putting money in the bank. Anyone wishing to receive more information or a Shares Application Form please contact Barry Laine at: The Wishing Well, Anse Des Genets, Mahe, Seychelles or call on 00248 2515616 or email on href="">

PHOTO: Barry Laine / Photo from Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture


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