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Refueling at sea by a Seychelles oil tanker even as close to mainland of Africa and Mauritius

Refueling at sea by a Seychelles oil tanker even as close to mainland of Africa and Mauritius ( MT Seychelles Paradise is a small oil tanker owned by the Seychelles Petroleum Company Ltd. (SEYPEC) and is providing a service that is today being appreciated by many ships passing through the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles oil tanker was constructed to ensure economically and environmentally safe transport of oil and LPG to the Seychelles inner island of Praslin to support the fast-growing local economy of the Seychelles Islands as well as provide bunkers to vessels at anchorage in Port vicinities or on high seas.

MT Seychelles Paradise was built in Germany at the Lindenau GmBH shipyard in Kiel and was delivered to Seychelles in October 2009. The tanker was designed for minimum fuel consumption achieved by optimizing the ship lines, large propellers, and high operational flexibility. This is why the SEYPEC moved to offer the needed service of bunkering or refueling at sea to ships passing through the Indian Ocean. The furthest refueling at sea was effected close to 800 miles from Port Victoria of the Seychelles. “The well-equipped MT Seychelles Paradise oil tanker has revolutionized the business model of offshore bunkering within and outside the country’s Economic Exclusive Zone," said Mr. Conrad Benoiton, the CEO of SEYPEC.

MT Seychelles Paradise’s deployment out to sea supplying directly to where the consumers are is a business in itself for SEYPEC. It must also be noted that the services offered by MT Seychelles Paradise has been helpful in boosting bunker sales by expanding delivery methods to vessels at anchorage and by securing uplifts of vessels that would not normally call on Port Victoria in the Seychelles. High sea bunkering has resulted in a positive turnover for the company’s revenue with sales of MT Seychelles Paradise offshore bunkering shooting up from 6, 416, 857 liters to 29,763, 610 liters from 2011 to 2012. The business model of offshore bunkering remains lucrative for MT Seychelles Paradise, and they continue to ensure that all necessary security measures are in place to protect the vessel on high seas.

The business is now flourishing positioning Seychelles as one of the most reputed offshore bunkering service regions in the Indian Ocean. Known for being the “green” and “environmentally-friendly” tanker, Seychelles Paradise stands to offer a first-class bunker service to vessels in the region and equally provides a training platform for young Seychellois mariners under SEYPEC’s Cadetship program.

More about SEYPEC may be found at .


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