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Seychelles announces proudly another year of success in Cambridge IGCSE and DELF results

Seychelles announces proudly another year of success in Cambridge IGCSE and DELF results ( The Seychelles Ministry of Education is pleased to report that in the school year 2012, State schools have performed well in both IGCSE and DELF examinations, and overall, the results are comparable to the results achieved in previous years.

In 2012, there was a total S5 student population of 1171, out of which 1041 were registered for IGCSE and 1055 for DELF. This represents 89% of the S5 cohort who sat IGCSE and 90% who sat for DELF, total figures which are similar to 2011.

Compared to 2011, there was an increase in the number of entries for the following subjects: ICT, Geography, History, First Language English, and Coordinated Sciences. The highest increase was in Coordinated Sciences, which increased by 46 entries.

There was a decrease in entries for the subjects Art and Design, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, and Combined Science.


The overall IGCSE pass rate (grades G to A*) for 2012 was 94%. This represents a 2% increase compared to 2011. In most subjects, the pass rate was maintained or showed a slight increase. It is to be noted that Art and Design, and Coordinated Sciences recorded a 100% pass rate. It is worth noting that the pass rate for Mathematics has made a significant progress. In 2011 the pass rate was at 84% and in 2012 it was 92%.

In 2012, there was an increase in the percentage of students scoring the higher grades (i.e., grade C or higher), with increase in many subjects.

First Language English recorded the highest percentage of students scoring grade C or higher (69%) compared to other subjects.

In the DELF examination, the pass rate was 98% for A1, 99% for A2, 96% for B1 and 82% for B2. Compared to 2011, these figures show an improvement in most levels (these were 88%, 94%, 93% and 84%, respectively), except for B2 which showed a slight decrease.

The general trend for both the IGCSE and DELF pass rates and the percentage of students scoring a grade C or higher indicates that standards have been maintained over time.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Education wishes to congratulate the students for their hard work, calls on them to continue to put extra effort so that results will keep improving for the years to come.

The Ministry also wishes to thank all teachers who have worked hard to help our students and the parents for their support.


- Arts&Design: 162 total entries, 34% A*-C, 100 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- Combined Science: 423 total entries, 5% A*-C, 83 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- Coordinated Sciences: 289 total entries, 42% A*-C, 100 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- English as a Second Language: 960 total entries, 43% A*-C, 96 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- First Language English: 64 total entries, 69% A*-C, 95 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- Geography: 458 total entries, 27% A*-C, 95 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- History: 117 total entries, 44% A*-C, 97 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- Information&Communication Tech: 238 total entries, 34% A*-C, 94 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)
- Mathematics: 658 total entries, 26% A*-C, 92 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)

OVERALL PERFORMANCE: 3,360 total entries, 32% A*-C, 94 Pass rate (% grades A*-G)

Total Number of S5 students in 2012: 1,171
Total Number of S5 registered for IGCSE in 2012: 1,041


- Level A1: 120 registered, 117 passed, 98% Pass rate
- Level A2: 427 registered, 423 passed, 99% Pass rate
- Level B1: 404 registered, 386 passed, 96% Pass rate
- Level B2: 104 registered, 85 passed, 82% Pass rate

TOTAL: 1,055 registered, 1,011 passed, 96% Pass rate


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