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Seychelles says crime figures for 2012 being assessed. Police on right track as trends lead downwards

Seychelles says crime figures for 2012 being assessed. Police on right track as trends lead downwards ( Even prior to a full review of activities, to cover achievements and as well shortfalls occurring in the year 2012 to be held by the management team of the Seychelles police, numbers being seen and discussed indicates that the Seychelles police for 2012, its programs and action plans put into place, are starting to pay off positively for the department and with that the nation as a whole.

“The numbers are coming together and a breakdown of criminal activities, the exact reported numbers and their cases, in a report which is being reviewed by the management team will be eagerly discussed at length providing officials within the Police Department and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport the opportunity needed to note progress, and where deficient, steps needed to improve,” said Mr. Raymond St.Ange, Security Consultant to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport. “If we look at just one issue vexing our hardworking Seychellois communities, this being robbery, seeing a reduction of 16% as compared to 2011 reported cases, will be pleasing indeed,” he added.

Other important statistics reveal improvements in cases of public order offenses, reducing by 61% as against 2011 figures. These offenses may include acts of public drinking or creating other disturbances, as just an example. More serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, infanticide showed a 75% decrease, while other serious offences being grievous bodily harm, child abuse, physical abuse, wounding, were down by 22%.

Cases of thefts while showing an increase of about 100 reported cases as compared to 2011 did nevertheless show positive declines by 24% from the first and the last quarter of 2012. It should be noted that as the year progressed to its natural end in 2012, the marked increase and visibility of officers from the Seychelles police became more apparent and greatly appreciated by the general public.

Complaints over the Christmas period into the New Year’s festive season showed marked decreases as compared to 2011 as police intensified patrols, vehicular searches, and sobriety checks on suspected drunk drivers.

Another area of encouragement, however, still needing more attention to include the assistance of the community, this through dedicated neighborhood watch programs, and intensified efforts by community policing was that while housebreaking cases in total, exceeded 2011 reported cases by 164, that if when compared by quarter, 2011 versus 2012, that the police registered a decline of 41% for the first and last quarter of 2012. One area where this can be applied to assist is by reporting suspicious cases to the anonymous police 133 telephone number. Another area would be public participation in anti drug and anti crime campaigns such as “Say No To Drugs.”

The Head of the National Crime and Services Division, the NCSD of the Seychelles police, Mr. Frank Dutton, who has been tracking the statistics so importantly needed for the efficient management of the police service remains confident that for 2013 yet more improvements will be appreciated as measures are taken to effectively take a bite out of crime in the Seychelles.

It should be recalled that the year ended in 2012 for the Seychelles police, with the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ernest Quatre, sparing no resources and by having every available personnel on duty status, even as Seychellois citizens and visitors to the Seychelles went about their merry way enjoying the festive season. Prior to that and in November and December the Seychelles police welcomed a new batch of police cadets and promoted ninety one officers to various senior ranks, this in recognition of their service and delivery of police service, which at this point in time appears to be bearing fruit.

However, not resting on their laurels, and appreciating that one house being broken into is one house too many, measures which succeeded in 2012 will certainly be vigorously applied for 2013, so that the positive trends seen towards the end of 2012 for house break-ins will continue downward.

“We will redouble our efforts so that our Seychellois communities see marked improvements. For that to happen however we will need the continued assistance of those very same communities who stepped up towards the end of last year to report suspicious activities, of the judiciary, of other organizations, of our prison services, who are on the receiving end and whose responsibility it is to provide a conducive atmosphere for rehabilitation and for each and every citizen, to do their part in making Seychelles 2013 a safer nation to be in. And together it can be done,” said Minister Joel Morgan, of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport.

It’s more than clear that with the figures now about to be officially presented and discussed, that for 2013 the men and women who serve in the Seychelles police force and who are counted on every day, will be present and ready for service and duty and poised to deliver another blow to crime if the results in 2012 are anything to go by.


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