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Seychelles local carnival participants are ready says JJ Spirit Foundation for the 2013 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria

Seychelles local carnival participants are ready says JJ Spirit Foundation for the 2013 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria ( The Seychelles Tourism Board has been monitoring arrangements for the coming carnival and said to the local press that it is pleased to bring the latest carnival news and how the local contingent of participants are gearing up for this third edition. “The numbers of participants is continuously increasing” said a representative from the Tourism Board.

The ambience in Seychelles is set to once again be in full swing during the coming Carnaval International de Victoria. This is a time when the people of Seychelles will appreciate the various carnival delegations and all the floats. This year the Carnaval International de Victoria will take everyone to where the first and second editions of the “Carnival of all Carnivals” ended. Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, and the accredited capital of the “world of Creoles” is ready to accommodate the thousands who will descend on the city center to see the annual carnival.

Although a local carnival delegation, the JJ Spirit Foundation, would like to keep a low profile and its choreography and costumes under wrap, this year, their Executive Director, Eddie Charles, pointed out that “this year they feel that they are more than ready to captivate the audience.”

With this year’s JJ Spirit Foundation theme, “Flying the Peace Spirit” is revolving around the connotation which will form the structure of the float, costumes, and choreography.

“The JJ Spirit Foundation is truly ready with our preparation, and we are looking forward to showcasing one of our most creative displays of costumes with a focus on the unique aspects of our own theme. We will enhance what we have learned from the last two carnivals; we are aiming much higher this year in the procession delegation contest,” Mr. Charles said.

Mr. Charles knows that this year is going to be very competitive for both the local and international delegations, but he is assuring Seychelles that their preparations started since October last year and with, their affiliated members rallying behind them, he is convinced that this is their year to win first prize.

“Last year I was disappointed that we didn’t win first prize, but for this edition we are tackling all three together: choreography, dance, and costumes, which are all the important aspects of the carnival. We have learned from the last edition, and this is why we have started early, because our motto is to win first prize; as we say in Creole, “premye pri,” Mr. Charles said.

“We at JJ Spirit Foundation have focused on the three ‘Rs’ which is: responsibility, resilience, and reality. Judge us by our action and take note JJ Spirit is coming for its first win,” added Mr. Charles.

The Carnaval International de Victoria will take place from February 8-10 and will offer participants the opportunity to show-off their skills and talents and to become a part of the diversity of cultures within this small paradise on Earth. The focus will be on the participants of the floats of sequined bejeweled costumes, colorful headdresses, bands, entertainers, and an array of dancers. The Carnaval International de Victoria has mixed ethnicity and characteristics from all the major continents of the world: Africa, Asia, and Europe - this very blend of cultures will be reflected during the weekend event across Victoria.


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