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December issue of the Celebrate Seychelles Newsletter is issued in time to close 2012

December issue of the Celebrate Seychelles Newsletter is issued in time to close 2012 ( The Celebrate Seychelles Events Team has issued their end-of-year issue of their newsletter in time to close 2012. This latest issue of their newsletter sees the countdown to the coming Carnaval International de Victoria. The newsletter dedicated a page on how to participate in this annual carnival in the Indian Ocean, the unique carnival that is now known as the “Carnival of Carnivals,” as it remains the only one of its kind where the best and most known carnivals from across the world participate and parade side by side, followed by cultural troupes from the Community of Nations.

The carnival that is being co-hosted for its next edition in February 2013 by Seychelles, La Reunion, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe remains the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Regional Organization’s carnival.

Seychelles and its co-hosts believe that the region should be working together for the consolidation of the region’s tourism industry. “Africa and the Indian Ocean islands together is the new tourism destination, and they can showcase their USPs by flying their flag and parading their culture with the world’s best carnivals. It is no longer the time for any government to be shy or ashamed of their people and of their culture. This is why I salute La Reunion island which has come forward two years in a row to put forward their people and their culture, because they said that this remains what they see as their strength. The 2013 edition of the Carnival of Carnivals will have Madagascar and Zimbabwe also come out as co-hosts, and they will be flying their flags alongside Seychelles and La Reunion as they showcase themselves, their people, and their culture to the world as tourism destinations working together,” Minister St.Ange from the Seychelles said.

The December issue of the Celebrate Seychelles Newsletter also brings to life the 2012 edition of the annual SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of Sea, which was closed last October by Alain St.Ange, the island’s Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture. This annual event showcases the Seychelles’ spectacular turquoise blue seas and the wonders experienced by divers exploring the Indian Ocean virtually on the equator.

“The event is also the opportunity to keep the population of Seychelles, including the school children, on the side of protecting the environment of the islands. Our environment remains one of our key USPs. Our unique selling points are unique to us as mid-ocean islands. We are blessed with clean and clear turquoise blue seas, and no one can take that from us, the same for our clean and white sandy beaches that are lapped annually by these warm seas, because we lie virtually on the equator,” the Seychelles Minister said at the festival.

Next year, more emphasis will be on the underwater photography competition, and here it was announced that a famous diver and photographer were working with Seychelles to bring world-class entries for this competition.

The works by Despilly William, the Seychelles veteran performing artist, is also covered in this December issue of Celebrate Seychelles Newsletter alongside the competition that has taken place for selecting songs for the 2013 edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria.

As the UNWTO reached its billionth tourist mark, the pride of Seychelles to be playing its part as a destination so dependent on tourism and a destination that remains serious with its tourism development is tabled. Seychelles remains a destination showing remarkable growth, with its tourism industry now recording arrival figures well over two times the island’s total population.

The newsletter ends with the first launch of the island’s 2013 Miss Seychelles pageant with a purpose competition.

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