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Delegation of Russian investors satisfied with their Seychelles visit

Delegation of Russian investors satisfied with their Seychelles visit ( A strong group of Russian investors have now ended their visit to Seychelles where they met with Ministers Joel Morgan (Internal Affairs&Transport), Peter Sinon (Minister for Natural Resources and Industry), Pierre Laporte (Finance&Investment), Alain St.Ange (Tourism&Culture), and a number of Seychelles government organizations as well as private-sector personalities.

The group of investors was all from St. Petersburg, Russia, and were in Seychelles to explore possibilities for serious investments. The group was being guided by Victoria Contoret and Gwilym Sicobo from the Seychelles Investment Specialists (SIC Corporation) from the Czech Republic. It is important to also point out that Gwilym Sicobo is also the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador in the Czech Republic.

Dmitry Morozav, the General Director of the Saint-Petersburg Consortium of Enterprises; Sarkisyan Melik, the CEO of MBS LLC from the government of Saint Petersburg; Michael Sapogov, the Director of Chelyabtehtrans; and Andreev Aleksei, the Commercial Director of PEL – Exportles&Petroexportles led the delegation of Russian investors.

At a final power-point presentation to the investors, Daniel Belle, the Seychellois Lawyer and Notary Public, gave a brief on the legal side of protection afforded to investors. The final meeting took place at the meeting room at the Ministry of Tourism&Culture, National Cultural Center Offices, and it was also the opportunity for Minister Alain St.Ange to reiterate the unique investment concessions offered by Seychelles to its investors. “We are offering you a safe country in which to set up your business, and we offer you a country with no currency control whatsoever. What you bring in, you can take out, as it remains your money,” Minister St.Ange said.

“Seychelles is a safe country, and Seychelles, as I have already told you when we first met, assures you that no currency control exists, giving you the liberty to repatriate your investments when and as you so desire. The government of Seychelles will only play the role of the facilitator, but it is through our local lawyers or agents that you will seal your deals or move your investment inquiries in Seychelles forward. It is important for you all to appreciate that in Seychelles a public/private sector partnership exists. The public sector, the government, opens the doors, and the private sector concludes the deal with you and for you,” Minister St.Ange said as he had already stated in his first meeting with the Russian investors.

Before leaving Seychelles, the Russian delegation attended the event for the countdown to the Carnaval International de Victoria. They were being encouraged to put up a Russian cultural group to participate in the February 2013 edition of the Carnival in Seychelles where the best and most known carnivals of the world descend on Seychelles to parade side by side and followed by cultural groups from the Community of Nations and navies from the world wanting to show their support against the plague caused by the “armed bandits from Somalia” that is today causing hardship to communities down the coast of East and South Africa, the Gulf of Aden, and of the Indian Ocean islands.

Russia is a fast-growing tourism market for Seychelles, and the island’s Tourism Board had already decided to dedicate more resources to help consolidate that market for Seychelles.


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