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Showcasing one's culture and showcasing our people is our duty and no one must shy away from this responsibility says Seychelles Minister St.Ange

Showcasing one's culture and showcasing our people is our duty and no one must shy away from this responsibility says Seychelles Minister St.Ange ( Press covering the event marking the countdown to the 2013 Carnaval International de Victoria that is staged annually in the Seychelles heard the island’s Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture speak of the unique carnival of carnivals that takes place under the banner of the melting pot of cultures.

The mid-ocean carnival staged in Seychelles is an event of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, and the 2013 edition of the carnival is set to be co-hosted jointly by Seychelles, La Reunion, and Madagascar from the Vanilla islands grouping and the African Equatorial Tourist Destination of Zimbabwe which is pitching behind the Seychelles promotional tag line “From the Big Five to the Best Five,” pushing for safari options before the known and sought after beach holiday in the Seychelles. The Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands are the ideal twin-center holiday options offering a beach holiday after an African Safari where pictures of the “big five” is the sought after trophy for any photo album.

Speaking to the international press after the 2013 carnival countdown event, Minister Alain St.Ange took time to explain that the Carnaval International de Victoria is a unique event in the world of carnivals. “It is the only carnival where all the best, and where the most known carnivals come together, and where they parade together alongside cultural troupes from the Community of Nations. This carnival in the middle of the Indian Ocean is now the accepted venue where governments from the Community of Nations not only showcase their country’s culture, but where they also proudly showcase their people,” Minister St.Ange told the press.

Thirty-three international delegations were in Seychelles for the 2012 edition of this carnival on the equator, and most of the renowned carnivals from across the world were represented by a delegation showcasing their own carnival. “A carnival on the equator, but at the same time sitting on an island in mid-ocean is indeed different. We can only encourage countries from the Community of Nations to join us in this unique event. The Carnaval International de Victoria is beyond politics, this carnival is beyond religion, and this carnival remains beyond the color of the skin; it is a carnival for the people of the world to meet, to develop contacts, and to develop friendship,” the Seychelles Minister replied when answering questions from the press.

“I need to refer you to the General Assembly at the United Nations where politics drive this gathering of nations, and where too often many delegates leave the hall when a political leader takes the floor to return only when a leader deemed friendly to his country is set to address, but to see another group leave the hall. This is a gathering of political leaders, but the gathering of people and of culture at the Carnaval International de Victoria that is staged annually in Seychelles is beyond all that divides nations, but instead rallies around what unites nations. Showcasing our culture and our people is a duty of every country. This responsibility no government has the right to shy away from - it is actually a responsibility and a duty that should be taken on board with pleasure, because without people, the government is nothing,” Minister St.Ange said.

When asked about the co-hosts of the 2012 edition of the carnival the Seychelles, Minister confirmed that La Reunion island would again be alongside Seychelles in the staging of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival and that for the 2013 edition Madagascar would be along working together as a team to help get the Indian Ocean tourism region more known. “Seychelles, La Reunion, and Madagascar will address the press conference, and they will spell out the USPs of their respective islands, and with Zimbabwe also on board to push the safari beach holiday option, twin-center holiday approaches will be high on the agenda. It is hoped that the Tourism Ministers of each country and island will be personally present to meet the press fraternity coming from the four corners of the world,” the Seychelles Minister said.


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