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The Bush Adminisration's move to cut Flights will Raise Air Fares

The Bush Adminisration's move to cut Flights will Raise Air Fares ( Airline Passengers Flying to and from New York Beware-
Passenger Association Proposes Voluntary Passenger Changes To Avoid Flight Cuts

In a statement issued by the Air Travelers Association in advance of today’s U.S. Government ordered JFK Airport scheduling conference, David Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, warned airline passengers flying to or from New York area airports to, “Stop, Look, and Listen, because the Bush Administration is getting ready to cut flights, which will result in increased air fares for all New York and Newark airports!”

Stempler stated, “By cutting flights, DOT Secretary Mary Peters is forcing airline passengers to trade delayed flights, for no flights or very expensive flights. That’s a bad deal!” He continued that, “Under the guise of reducing airline flight delays, the Bush Administration is going to sacrifice airline passengers’ needs at the altar of congestion relief.”

“Remember that 8:00 AM flight that you could take to get to your 10:30 AM meeting?” Stempler asked. “Well, forget it! The Bush Administration is going to force airlines to cancel that flight and make you fly the night before and add a hotel room stay to your costs. How’s that for congestion relief?”

Stempler continued, “What can passengers do about airline congestion before the Government drops the axe and cuts flights resulting in increased fares? We can band together and try to reduce the congestion problem ourselves. How?

 If you can fly during non rush hours, do it.
 If you can use less-congested New York area airports like Islip or Stewart, do it.
 If you can fly during the weekends instead of weekdays, do it.”

Stempler concluded that, “anything that we can do as passengers to stop the Bush Administration from cutting flights resulting in increased fares flights will help. Start now, before it’s too late!”

The Air Travelers Association advocates for airline passengers on airline safety, security, savings, and service. David Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, is an internationally known authority on airline passenger and air travel issues.

Thomas Steinmetz Email: Telefon: 1-808-536-1100

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