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Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin to showcase her Coco de Mer works of art at the 2012 Seychelles Festival Kreol this October

Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin to showcase her Coco de Mer works of art at the 2012 Seychelles Festival Kreol this October ( Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, has used his working visit to Paris to invite Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin to join the 2012 Seychelles Festival Kreol and showcase her works of art molded for inspiration on the Seychelles’ unique coco de mer nut. The ex-wife of Dominique de Villepin, the former French Prime Minister, visited Seychelles at the invitation of the then French Ambassador Michel Tretout and was taken by the famous nut and inspired to bring color to that Seychelles seed of life as she calls the Seychelles coco de mer.

Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin hosted Minister St.Ange for lunch at her Paris workshop to explain her works and the different exhibitions she regularly organizes. Minister St.Ange was accompanied to Mrs. Viebel de Villepin by the Seychelles Ambassador to France, Mr. Bernard Sham Laye; the Vice Consul of Seychelles in France, Ms. Pauline Ferrari; Mr. Gilbert Pool of SeyGo Magazine; Mrs. Michel Tretout; and other friends of Madame Viebel de Villepin.

It was Pauline Ferrari, the Vice Consul of Seychelles in France who had organized differently for the Seychelles Minister’s visit and planned the lunch meeting between Minister Alain St.Ange and Madame Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin.

“After touring her Paris workshop I was overwhelmed by her works. The hundreds of coco de mer replicas in gold, bronze and solid glass all ready for sale or for the next exhibitions shows her passion developed based on the coco de mer. We are lucky that Madame Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin remains a passionate personality about the Seychelles and its natural beauty. This meeting has enabled me to develop a personal rapport with Marie-Laure and now it remains to build on this to help showcase Seychelles using her works and exhibitions. She has visited museums across the world and look for leads to purchase old artifacts made from the Seychelles Coco de Mer and today is the owner of many of these historical momentos,” Minister St.Ange said after his visit to the coco de mer workshop in Paris.

Responding to questions on the proposed visit to Seychelles by Madame Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin during the 2012 Seychelles Festival Kreol this coming October, Minister Alain St.Ange said that the coco de mer is a unique attraction of the Seychelles. “It is a Seychelles Kreol artifact and what a better place to have such works as molded by Madame Viebel de Villepin exhibited than in the middle of our very own Kreol Festival staged in the capital of the world of Kreols. We are hoping that the works of Marie-Laure will inspire some young local artists to look at such value-added possibilities for the coco de mer, and for other such items we have and we too often take for granted,” Minister St.Ange said.

Ms. Pauline Ferrari, the Seychelles Vice Consul in France, will be accompanying Madame Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin of her visit to Seychelles in October.

PHOTO: Minister St.Ange, Pauline Ferrari and Marie-Laure Viebel de Villepin / Photo from Seychelles Ministry of Tourism&Culture


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