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Italian haute couture designer Miglionico: Seychelles mon amour

Italian haute couture designer Miglionico: Seychelles mon amour ( Stunning photography of “Miss Seychelles… another world,” Sherlyn Furneau, has made headlines in one of Italy’s reputed magazines, “Cosmopolitan.”

The photographic exhibition opened on July 9, at the Gallery Angelica in Rome by Italian haute couture designer, Michele Miglionico. According to “Cosmopolitan” magazine, the exhibition depicted a “cultural bridge between Africa and the western world in the name of emancipation of woman.”

“Seychelles Glam - Secret Garden - Walking in the Roman Beauties” was the title rightly chosen by Michele Miglionico for the exhibition, which put to the forefront Seychelles and the Creole image of its people.

Sherlyn Furneau’s snapshots were taken as part of her grooming session in preparation for the Miss World pageant currently being held in Ardos, China. The article noted that at first glance, the exhibition might be a weird combination, but not to Michele Miglionico who was totally fascinated by the mid-Creole islands.

Describing Sherlyn Furneau’s presence in the Italian city of Rome, the article stated that the show also celebrated the marriage of art and culture seasoned with a good dose of “glamour,” while the photographic exhibition evoked the “legendary and timeless beauty of Seychelles, combined with [the] charm of the ‘Eternal City.’”

“The photo shoot played out the model in different symbolic, artistic poses around the historical sites of Rome, evoking a magical collection of memories and emotions, “Cosmopolitan” magazine described.


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