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Seychelles President issues message on the occasion of the islands’ 36th Independence Day – June 29, 2012

Seychelles President issues message on the occasion of the islands’ 36th Independence Day – June 29, 2012 ( Seychelles President James Michel sent a message to celebrate the occasion of the islands’ 36th anniversary of its Independence. Here, his remarks are shared:

“Seychellois in every district in our country, on all islands and everywhere in the world, are marking, with great pride, the 36th anniversary of the day our islands became independent. On June 29, 1976, we took the first big and bold step towards building a Seychellois society that today proudly stands among the thriving nations of the world.

“Independence gave us the unique Seychellois national identity. It is a source of pride for our people.

“We took our destiny in our own hands. We became responsible for own development and progress. We were a backwater group of islands - small, but we had big aspirations. In 36 years, our free people joined hands in unity to move our country forward, fast.

“On June 29, every year we thank the patriots who have preceded us for determination and perseverance. Above all, they firmly believed in the capability of their compatriots to transform our country for the better. They laid the foundation for the modern and democratic Seychelles that is our comfortable abode today. We pay tribute to them for their confidence in their own Seychellois. Their courage, resoluteness, and strong belief embody the true Seychellois spirit of always striving to attain our goals. This is the spirit we have inherited from them, that we are passing on to our children, that is driving our country forward. We want that spirit to endure.

“Independence also brought us dignity as a nation. Surely, all Seychellois, wherever they are, are proud of our accomplishments as a republic. We are now moving to the higher stage of our development. We continue to nurture our democracy, grow our economy, develop our human resources, improve the health sector, strengthen the social safety net, give more protection to our environment, and boost our security. We have reorganized government for more effective public service delivery. In 36 years, we have developed into the top country in Africa in human development and e-government. We are a leader in sustainable development. We are a world example in environment protection. Our democracy is thriving. We are in the forefront in the fight against maritime piracy. Our active diplomacy is making Seychelles more visible on the world stage. Our republic is contributing to world peace. These are among the many achievements of our independent nation that are earning us friends, the respect and admiration of the international community.

“Challenges remain, and we will face new hurdles. That is why we are rallying our nation around the theme of ‘Striving for our Seychelles.’ With our unity, hard work, and the resilience we have acquired over time, nothing is insurmountable.

“We are the Seychelles’ children. Our pledge to our beloved Seychelles today is to continue to do our utmost to protect it from harm, to keep it on the road of progress. We love our motherland. When we raise our flag at the Voice of the Nation monument on Independence Day, and we all stand up to sing the national anthem, we do it with a sense of patriotism. It is a solemn reminder that we all share the duty to make our Seychelles a land of values. We renew our commitment towards building a New Seychelles that is more prosperous, more united, compassionate, and pleasant to live in.

“The independence anniversary is traditionally the day of the inter-schools athletics competition. It is dedicated to our youth and children. Every June 29, and under our national symbols, they test their strengths. It is from events like the June 29 athletics competition that we produce strong men and women who bring honor to our country. We lived great moments last year during the Indian Ocean Islands Games competition we hosted. Our Seychelles was the smallest nation, yet, with determination and courage, and filled with the Seychellois spirit, we emerged as the second best nation in this important regional competition It is feats like these that mark us as a successful independent country.

“I wish all schoolchildren and students success in the competition.

“On Independence Day today, let us give a special thought to our two compatriots who remain captive at the hands of pirates in Somalia. We continue to pray for their safe return home.

“I wish all Seychellois a happy Independence Day anniversary. May God continue to bless Seychelles.”

PHOTO: President James Michel at the Plaisance primary school / Image via


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