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Rodrigues island Mauritius takes part in FetAfrik to mark Africa Day in Seychelles

Rodrigues island Mauritius takes part in FetAfrik to mark Africa Day in Seychelles ( The voices of Rodrigues island poets, Jean Danoel Jolicoeur and Stelio Pierre Louis, coming all the way from Seychelles' sister island Rodrigues of Mauritius, provided intricate harmony and set the rhythmic pace with their slamming poses and verses with frequent heavy rhythms of the drums showcasing their African culture, their people, and their livelihood.

The two Indian Ocean islanders from Rodrigues island became an instant hit with their poems they so professionally presented with passion and feeling.

“They demonstrated their attachment to their African culture, and they did Africa Day proud and FetAfrik in Seychelles justice,” said a member of the Diplomatic Mission attending the Official Opening Ceremony of FetAfrik.

Seychelles continues year after year to proudly express its African origins through its annual “FetAfrik,” the multi-artistic cultural manifestation depicting its African ties with the African mainland. The Seychellois nation, the melting pot of cultures, brings alive the rainbow colors that has lengthily paid tribute to Africa - the land of its ancestors, which has forever made this nation proud to be called African.

It was the island’s Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, who had the honor of opening FetAfrik 2012 at the Seychelles national cultural center, at the heart of Victoria, to the sounds and rhythms of Africa that had plunged the crowds deeper in their ancestors' roots.

The Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism&Culture, Alain St.Ange, coined on Seychelles, said in his opening address: “Crucial to state is that Africa Day is indeed momentous since it represents every instance in history whereby an African nation has made its stand against subordination and any other form of inequality impeding its progression and wellbeing as a people. Thus, today, through our displays and festivities, we will reminisce about Africa's past struggles and heroic legends and honor our forefathers, the likes of Pompee and Castor, whose deeds in the era of slavery have since then been immortalized by the Seychellois people. On this day in history, comes the need to reflect and question not only on where we come from but also on how we wish to progress and move forth as a country whose population is of mixed origin but which is geographically and politically an African state. We shall also mark our British heritage as we celebrate on June 4, the Queen’s Jubilee with as much grace as we marked la francophonie only weeks ago. And as from next year, we shall also celebrate the fifth element of our origin, that makes us the Seychellois nation and that is, our Indian origin,” Minister St.Ange said.

Representatives of the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture said that they were happy to see the two Rodrigues artists celebrate with the Seychellois nation as a whole, its day to mark Africa Day.


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