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Seychelles takes integrated approach towards enhancing the golden mile of Beau Vallon

Seychelles takes integrated approach towards enhancing the golden mile of Beau Vallon ( The Seychelles Minister responsible for Home Affairs&Transport, Joel Morgan, and Alain St.Ange, the Minister responsible for Tourism&Culture, met with the actors of the North Mahe tourism industry to discuss a comprehensive approach to enhance the tourism industry’s “golden mile” of Beau Vallon on Mahe. The aim is to improve walkways and pavements, lighting, beachfront replanting, security and life guards, and the various public infrastructures of Beau Vallon beach - the beach that remains one of Seychelles’ most dense and popular beaches.

Beau Vallon Beach, which is conveniently located and houses a large segment of the island’s tourism activities, remains an attraction in itself, but adding to its amenities and security aspects will further enhance this tourism industry’s “golden mile.” Described as the perfect beach spot on the Northwest coast of Mahe, its images have, over the years, been seen right across the world. But the successes of the island’s tourism industry means many more tourists visit Beau Vallon for a swim or just to lie on its amazing picture perfect white sandy beach. This is a reason why the Ministry of Tourism&Culture was behind rallying the Northwest Mahe tourism industry players to discuss the way forward towards maintaining the positive picture of Beau Vallon.

“Today we still have inadequate infrastructures for pedestrians and for tourist security both on land and in the water,” a local tourism operator said.

In his opening remarks at the public-private sector tourism meeting for North Mahe Tourism Operators held last Saturday at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Hotels and Casino, Minister St.Ange spoke about the urgency of joining forces to make Beau Vallon the “golden mile” they can all be proud of.

''We need an integrated approach. This will see the police and its life guards work hand in hand with tourism operators alongside the District Administration and the local Member of the National Assembly. What is being proposed will protect businesses and will enable everyone to consolidate their investments,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

Minister Joel Morgan, the Minister responsible for Home Affairs and Transport, said that the future of Beau Vallon would be safeguarded by everyone working together. ''Government is today opening new doors and proposing new joint actions. All stakeholders should take their side of responsible behavior to enhance Beau Vallon and make it the tourist area it deserves to be. Beau Vallon Beach is today not as safe as it can be. This is why we are looking at a police outpost and lifeguard stations. Together we need to look at a comprehensive approach to improve infrastructure, improve law and order, and the general esthetics of Beau Vallon. Everybody should take their side of responsibilities, and we should come together as a solid team to really enhance this area,” said Minister Morgan.

Private sector business owners from the tourism industry attending the meeting, raised their concerns in regards to the social ills starting to show signs at Beau Vallon Beach. They said that there were many tourism establishments concentrated in this area and felt it was essential to bring to the attention of Minister Morgan and Minister St.Ange so that necessary actions can be taken. In terms of law reinforcement in the Beau Vallon vicinity, both Ministers have agreed on the urgency of setting up police and lifeguard outposts on the beachfront area.

The Minister responsible for Internal Affairs and Transport has given the go ahead to his Land Transport officers present to come up with a plan of action; to design light poles on designated areas on the Beau Vallon Beach; and to submit plans for new boardwalks, pavements, and walkways. He also said that the authorities would look at measures to alleviate noise on beaches, which has become a public nuisance to residents and visitors.

Before the meeting adjourned, both Ministers agreed to come up with a comprehensive plan of actions on all the points raised during the meeting, which would be presented to interested tourism stakeholders in the coming weeks.

Last Saturday’s meeting was called by the Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association after discussions with the Ministry of Tourism&Culture. It was attended by the Chief Executive of the Association, Jennifer Sinon; the Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Elsia Grandcourt; Ms. Marie Antoinette Rose, the Leader of Government Business in the Seychelles National Assembly, the local member of the National Assembly, the District Administrator, the Commissioner of Police, Land Transport and Ministry of Environment Officers.

PHOTO: L to R: Minister St.Ange&Minister Morgan / Photo from Seychelles Ministry of Tourism&Culture


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