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BBC’s Simon Reeve discovers true paradise in Seychelles

BBC’s Simon Reeve discovers true paradise in Seychelles ( The Seychelles islands, together with Madagascar and Mauritius, were in Simon Reeve’s second leg of his journey in the Indian Ocean series on BBC2 last Sunday night. The Seychelles feature has been hailed a success, and very positive feedback has been received ever since from both the press and members of the British tourism trade.

Seychelles appeared last in that program, after a 30-minute feature on Madagascar followed 15 minutes on Mauritius.

Presenter Simon Reeve was mesmerized by the Seychelles islands, referring to it as “paradise” several times in the feature. He traced his journey on the islands together with local guide, Rita Gay.

The clear turquoise sea won Simon Reeve’s heart from the beginning, and he said “This is the clearest sea water I’ve ever been in, in my life.” After the beach, he enjoyed a traditional bat curry, which he said is something of an acquired taste, given that Seychelles enjoys cultural and culinary influences from across the Indian Ocean.

Simon Reeve also visited Moyenne island and its Yorkshireman owner Brendon Grimshaw, where he discovered a unique wildlife reserve. Grimshaw bought the island in 1962 for the sum of £8,000 and has been living there ever since. Simon said that as much as he was hugely impressed with the spectacular islands, it was meeting Grimshaw himself that caught his imagination.

The man has been busy all his life creating a “patch of heaven” while everyone else has been tarmacking their front gardens, said the presenter. Brendon Grimshaw has worked tirelessly to transform and preserve Moyenne island, ensuring that when he finally does leave the island, it will be protected and passed on to the people of Seychelles as a protected national park.

Simon Reeve added that Brendon also spends his days caring for the island’s tortoises and birds that also call it home. The once so overgrown and dense Moyenne island today boasts an array of wildlife, along with 40 species of palm trees, thanks to the man who has toiled to create a spectacular home.

Simon Reeve also joined Dutch marines conducting helicopter exercises in the Seychelles as part of a NATO counter-piracy operation. He said that modern-day pirates operating from Somalia have launched hundreds of attacks on ships and boats crossing the western Indian Ocean, and around the waters of the paradise Seychelles islands, thus jeopardizing the country’s tourism and fishing industries.
Simon Reeve also visited some of the pirates’ boats at the Coastguard base that had been apprehended during operations on the high seas, before heading to the Supreme Court to see some of the pirates who were on trial for attacking a Seychelles’ fishing boat.

The next series of Simon Reeve’s journey will take him to the African mainland.

PHOTO: Simon Reeve / Photo courtesy of BBC


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