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The Jetshare Portal Victor proudly presents: The German website

The Jetshare Portal Victor proudly presents: The German website ( If you would like to charter a private jet or share your own, use

Victor is the first online platform where private jets can be chartered and individual seats in charter flights can be bought and sold. The company was founded by Clive Jackson in February 2011 and the website is now available in German. The idea for this company was to reduce costs for charterers who can sell seats in their jet to other members of Victor – the private Jetshare Community. The current website offers now quotations and price comparisons as well as a platform for transactions. At the moment, Victor offers flights within Europe but the expansion to destinations like the USA, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America is currently in its planning phase. Users of the website are affluent private and business travellers worldwide. Please find more information on

Since the start of Victor – the private Jetshare Community a year ago, the online community counts already more than 700 members from all over in Europe and is proud to have biggest private fleet in Europe. Members can chose from various offers and decide which type of airplane does suit them the most. They can not only choose from various offers, but also check the airplane type, which means a maximum of transparency. Additionally, they can sell seats they don’t need and thus reduce their costs. You tell Victor which flights you need and we arrange to sell the rest. With this revolutionary model, Victor enlarges the number of private flights and boosts the business of private flight companies. Travelers who are planning to charter a private jet can directly get in touch with 45 private flight companies, which offer more than 200 airplanes going to 940 cities in Europe. The Victor fleet offers a huge amount of airplanes in all sizes and types, which can be found on the website.

Victor – the private Jetshare Community was found by Clive Jackson. Already in 1993, the entrepreneur became a pioneer of global marketing in Great Britain with the foundation of Global Beach. His own experience with bad flight connections were reason enough for him to develop a completely new system, where like-minded people can charter and use private jets. With this worldwide first online platform for the ideal use of private jets, Jackson introduced the biggest invention in private aviation for the past 25 years, last year. Jackson says: “The rules of private aviation are going to change dramatically in future. The user can unite and effectively apply their substantial buying power under the roof of only one brand and one transaction platform. They enjoy the freedom to obtain offers from all big airlines and compare these and to get competitive and fairer prices and fly cheaper in the end, as they can fetch some of their costs. The fact, to having the biggest private fleet in Europe that is comparable to the market leader Netjets, is a great success for Victor and shows the fresh and new way of thinking and the technological innovations that we introduce to this industry. In the light of the current economical climate, it is a real and welcome alternative to have the possibility to only pay when you actually fly, without pre-payments or other financial bindings.”


Victor - the private Jetshare Community | 522 Fulham Road | London, SW6 5NR | United Kingdom | Tel: 44(0)20 7384 8550 | E-Mail: |

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