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Sankhara Luxury Private Beach Villas – the vision of an explorer and entrepreneur of the modern world

Sankhara Luxury Private Beach Villas – the vision of an explorer and entrepreneur of the modern world ( Sankhara is first and foremost the story of a man: a soul from the past, an explorer and an entrepreneur of the modern world. He grew up on the Island of Zanzibar, a “Paradise Lost" located in the Indian Ocean, off the East Coast of Africa. His childhood was nurtured by the sight and smells of the emerald sea, lapping upon heavenly pearl-sand beaches. From a young age, he was exposed to Island's harmonious blend of African, South-Asian, Persian and British cultures. Fifty years later, as a successful entrepreneur and world traveler, he yearned to reconnect with his past. He hoped to find a similar sanctuary as Zanzibar, an oasis of social harmony, a place of stunning natural beauty, where he could be lulled by the sound of breaking waves upon the reef - a private hideaway, to nurture his bonds with loved ones and to rekindle his soul.

In 2004, he recalled a previous business trip to Mauritius, a magnificent island in the Indian Ocean - only a bird's flight from Zanzibar - and still blessed with pristine shorelines and beaches. After a long and careful search, he secured a land on the north-eastern shores of the island, at Poste Lafayette - a pocket of heaven nestled amidst lush vegetation. There, he built two luxurious villas, where he planned to spend his summers with his family. During his first stay, he was moved by the breathtaking ocean view, the sumptuous decor and the location's nurturing and healing effects. He wanted others to share these experiences. Accordingly, in January 2010, he opened and transformed the mansions into exclusive Villa-Hotels for rental during eleven months of the year and named them Sankhara … “that which binds all". The perfect name for a sanctuary that gathers loved ones together and beckons each person to discover a deeper sense of inner harmony.

The harmony that inhabits Sankhara is rooted in the owner's spiritual philosophy, which stems from his personal experiences as well as a mix of ancient wisdoms revived by modern voices. When guests set foot into Sankhara, time slows down. There is enough time, at last, to bond with others and with nature, to reflect introspectively and to discover the first threads of inner serenity. Conceived in 2009, the two sanctums represent a unique blend of cultures that reflect the owner's varied origins and life travels. Designed by a Mauritian who studied in France, the Villas represent an exceptional fusion of Balinese and Mauritian architectures. Decorated by an interior designer from New Zealand, the five-bedroom villa - Tiara - has a Balinese-Zen style and furnishing, while the three-bedroom villa - Almira - enjoys a Contemporary Moroccan design.

At Sankhara, guests are constantly pampered by a professional staff of fifteen - including butlers, award-winning chefs and housekeeping - who provide a chic and tailor made service round-the-clock, with a smile and warmth that is synonymous with Mauritian hospitality. Through Sankhara, the owner has created a unique experience, with a service worthy of the most exclusive hotels in the world.

The Villas are located off the beaten track. Devoid of any signage, the small dirt path that leads to the villas can easily be missed from the main road. After soaking in the explosion of colors from the bougainvilleas growing on stonewalls on either side of the path, you reach the large alloyed gate of wood and steel. Seemingly unremarkable, the gate opens upon an unimaginable world of enchantment. The full personnel greet you like a regal figure in the courtyard strewn with coral pebbles. The sweet scent of the frangipani flowers fills the air, soothing your senses, providing a natural and appeasing balm to your journey's fatigue. The Villa doors open, beckoning you forward to discover their secrets. Today, it is still possible to discover a place where the barriers of race and culture do not exist, where you can stop time, momentarily, to bond with friends and family, to regenerate, or rediscover oneself.


Sankhara Luxury Private Beach Villas | Coastal Road Poste Lafayette | Mauritius | Tel: 00230/410/5268 | E-Mail: |

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