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Runway Incursion and Construction Hazards at Minneapolis St.Paul Internationa Airport

Runway Incursion and Construction Hazards at Minneapolis St.Paul Internationa Airport ( ALPA International has issued the following information regarding operations at Minneapolis St Paul International Airport (KMSP):

Construction on Runway 12R/30L started on 13 AUG 2007 with an expected completion date of 17 OCT 2007. During this period MSP ATC plans to conduct a dual runway configuration when the ceiling is at or above 1700 feet and visi
bility exceeds 4 statute miles. When weather conditions are below these criteria, approaches will be conducted to only one runway.

The preferred airport configuration will be to the south with arrivals landing Runways 22 and 17 (localizer only with PAPI). Runways 22 and 12L will be used for departures. Narrow body aircraft conducting approaches to Runway 22
may be issued clearances to hold short of taxiway S (8,550 feet available). Wide body aircraft landing on Runway 22 will have the full runway length available.
When the airport is in a north configuration, Runways 35 and 4 will be used for
arrivals. Departures will use Runways 4, 35, and 30R. Flights requiring full length of Runway 4 may expect lengthy delays.
The only authorized crossing point for Runway 12R/30L is via W7. Taxiways C
and D are expected to reopen by 31 August.

Due to reduced acceptance rates, arrivals may experience airborne holding
requiring additional fuel.
Runway 17/35 operations can expect increased taxi times. Carefully review all NOTAMS (includ ing Locals) describing runway and taxi way closures as well as NAVAIDS that have an effect on operations.
Careful attention should be placed on ATIS broadcasts describing conditions
affecting the airport movement areas.
Flight crews should ensure they have the most current Jeppesen airport construction diagrams with increased emphasis on all Runway Incursion Hotspots.
Carefully review anticipated taxi routes prior to blockout or landing ask for clarification if any confusion exists.
Comply with your company SOPs in reviewing provided materials and visual aids which highlight these possible areas of confusion.

Expect additional Hotspots to develop during this construction please be diligent in reporting these to help inform others. Report any operational difficulties to your local air safety personnel or call ALPA International
Engineering and Air Safety at 1 800 424 2470.

In the interests of flight safety, reproduction of this bulletin in whole or in part is encouraged. It may not be offered for sale or used commercially. All reprints must credit IFALPA. Runway Incursion and Construction Hazards at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (KMSP)

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