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Seychelles' Desroches Island Resort opens its world-class spa

Seychelles' Desroches Island Resort opens its world-class spa ( Desroches Island, part of the “one island, one hotel" exclusive setup and part of the idyllic coral islands of the Seychelles archipelago has last week opened a world-class spa complex as the latest addition of the long list of facilities the island is now offering to its descerning visitors.

It was Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and Glenny Savy, the CEO of the Seychelles' Island Development Company, the island's owning company, who had the pleasure to jointly cut the ribbon to declare the Escape Spa of Desroches Island open. When he addressed the tourism industry representatives present and the management and staff of the Desroches Island Resort, Mr. Glenny Savy retraced the development of tourism on the outer islands of the Seychelles. He congratulated the resort's management and staff for their dedication and for their hard work to ensure that the island's reputation is maintained. Mr. Savy went on to say that the island's new spa will complete the long list of facilities provided by the island for their visitors.

“Our coral islands will remain the pride of the Seychelles tourism industry. They will be the most sought-after tourism destinations, because we have ensured that the natural environment and beauty of our idyllic islands have been protected," said Glenny Savy.

Mr. Alain St.Ange, on his part, congratulated, on behalf of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Mr. Glenny Savy and the Island Development Company of Seychelles and the Desroches Island Resort's Management for bringing in line an excellent new facility for the Seychelles tourism Industry. “Our visitors expect nothing less than the best and the island's new spa complex is a great addition and a needed addition," Alain St.Ange said.

Marc and Renee Leslie, the General Managers of Desroches Island Seychelles, then encouraged the invited guests to discover the island's new spa. Sarah Jensen and Amanda Lang, the Sales and Marketing Managers of the island resort, also took the invited guests on a tour of the island's accommodation villas.

The Desroches Island Spa prides itself on the principle of Sundãri: “A beautiful woman, Sundãri's beauty is well being, a natural vitality inspired by balance, a radiance that shines from the inside out. Fused from eastern and western beauty practices, their joint philosophies empower women to embody beauty and discover their own inherent balance. Embodying beauty is a creative process, an active quest towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Sundãri invites you to join us in this universal quest. The Sanskrit word, 'Sundãri,' defines beauty as an experience and an endeavor, not an object to attain. It also presents us with an image of beauty itself.

“In Vedic tradition, Sundãri is often defined as the goddess within. The goddess Sundãri is the personification of beauty. She is honored in Indian culture for her symmetry, strength, and grace. This reverence for Sundãri is a regard for the light in each of us. By honoring her, we honor ourselves. With Sundãri, we offer a new vision of beauty, inspired by the rich history of Ayurveda and the sister philosophies of yoga and holistic health. Our skin care - designed to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit - honors the goddess within us all. Sundãri is our mantra and our guide, beauty embodied and a reflection of our own true light. She ushers us on our common quest, a journey towards well being."

The opening ceremony of the Desroches Island Spa was also attended by management of the local destination management companies and the press. Alain St.Ange said on his return to Mahe that he was happy to see the resort investing in their commitment to work with the local Destination Management Companies (DMC). “Seychelles has diversity of islands as one of its unique selling points, and to maximize on these unique selling points, we need committed established operators to get our visitors out of their hotels to appreciate our natural assets. The experience of our visitors is enhanced when visitors are given the possibility to appreciate the diversity of our islands, and it is so important for our hotel network to appreciate that unique aspect of Seychelles," Alain St.Ange said.

PHOTO: Alain St.Ange (R)&Glenny Savy (L) cutting ribbon to open Desroches Island Spa/accommodation villa

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St.Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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