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Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors newsletter brings islands' achievements up close

Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors newsletter brings islands' achievements up close ( The last issue (July) of the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador newsletter reports on the achievements of the Seychelles tourism industry both on the local and international fronts in the last month.

These are successes that have earned the islands much respect in the world and which contribute to increasing the visibility of the destination in an increasingly competitive market.

The first page of the newsletter covers the work of a group of tourism ambassadors who have come together for a project to further expose Seychelles primarily in the North American market but also beyond, to the rest of the world.

The project, entitled, “Exciting Times Ahead," will bring two filming companies to Seychelles to film places of interests, which will showcase what the islands have to offer as well as why it differs from its competitors.

Another active tourism ambassador in Paris also speaks about her participation at the Seychelles Escapades in France where she helped to sing Seychelles' praises and get her guests to appreciate the other attributes of the destination, apart from the usual sun, sand, and sea.

Latest but exciting developments on the local front include the much-awaited release of the Seychelles Carnival souvenir book, which has been an overwhelming success so far. The full-color book brings the highlights of this great event, which catapulted Seychelles into the world of carnivals with just its first edition. It has been described as an event which has the power to unite countries of the world in an activity which is fun and promotes solidarity between nations and cultures.

At another level, Seychelles has taken a major step towards the completion of its Tourism Master Plan by coming up with the green copy of this very important document. The first copy was presented to the Seychelles President, James Michel, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Seychelles tourism industry at the beginning of this month. Trade members and stakeholders have already met to discuss the findings of the preliminary document and the final document will be published at the end of November 2011.

It has always been an honor for Seychelles to mark its 100,000th visitor milestone with a special welcome at the Seychelles International Airport, and this year the occasion had double meaning.

Not only did Swiss visitor Sandro Gianella step down from an Emirates flight as the 100,000th visitor, but Seychelles also recorded its 100,000th count way ahead of last year, which was in the first week of August.

This in itself was a major achievement, which thus shows that the country is set to register a new record in visitor arrivals this year.

On the international front, Seychelles’ biggest achievement in the last month has been its admission in RETOSA, the regional tourism organization for Southern African countries.

Seychelles made a special case at the organizations’ meeting in Zambia recently and has been accepted as a member.

It is safe to say that Seychelles is the most exciting destination of the world at the moment and both Emirates and Kenya Airways are running special promotions on that sector.

Kenya Airways has added a third flight for the summer duration due to high demand, whereas Emirates, in conjunction with the Seychelles Tourism Board, has launched a new campaign entitled, “Be smart, be carnaval." This puts emphasis on the great carnival event, and travel agents who sell the highest number of tickets to the event, will themselves be granted the chance to participate in the celebrations.

Seychelles, along with a number of its leading hotels, have also been nominated for two prestigious awards – the World Travel Awards and Villegiature Awards. The destination has a good record in both awards and is hoping to win several categories, which will confirm it as one of the most sought getaways in the world this year.

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St. Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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