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Seychelles celebrates 35 years of independence

Seychelles celebrates 35 years of independence ( Seychelles President James Michel has attended the Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony this morning at the Lavwa Lanasyon (the Voice of the Nation) monument in Victoria to mark the 35th anniversary of the independence of Seychelles. The event was attended by Former Seychelles President James Mancham, and dignitaries from the National Assembly, the judiciary, the government, and the diplomatic corps.

President James Michel has dedicated the celebration of this year's Independence Day to all the school children and students of the country, who are participating in the annual Inter-Schools Athletic Championships today.

In a message broadcast on national television last night, the President said the young future leaders and their sporting victories for their schools and country are the 'true spirit of a strong Seychellois.' He said that their athletic encounter would be a preview of the Indian Ocean Games, which take place in Seychelles in August.

President Michel said that in the past 35 years as an independent nation, the Seychellois people had built a free and modern Seychelles.

“We have built a democracy that continues to evolve, but which is mature and free. We have built an economy that is solid and resilient in a turbulent world. We have built a society that looks ahead and is compassionate, a society that leaves no one behind and that gives the same opportunities to every Seychellois. During these 35 years, we have overcome the barriers of underdevelopment. We have overcome the class barriers. We have abolished inequality and injustice. We are building a 'A New Seychelles!' I am sure that as our parents and grandparents see the fruits of their struggles, they are proud of their contribution to our fight for independence. On behalf of every Seychellois, I would like to thank them all," said President Michel.

The President noted that the values which bind the society need to be preserved and nurtured.

“We have succeeded in our bid for freedom because of our unity, tolerance, love, patriotism, and most certainly, our hard work. Let us keep on cultivating these good values. We remain vigilant against negative influences that can affect our unity and harmony; influences that can destroy the very fabric of our society," President Michel concluded.

PHOTO: Flag-raising ceremony / Photo from Seychelles Tourism Board

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St. Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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