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Seychelles Cabinet of Ministers resolutions reflect recommendations made by international electoral observers

Seychelles Cabinet of Ministers resolutions reflect recommendations made by international electoral observers ( The Seychelles President, Mr. James Michel, has presided over the first cabinet meeting since his re-election as President of the republic on May 21.

The President said that the Cabinet of Ministers had considered several major issues of national importance including the current water situation, constitutional amendments, law reforms, and the local governance structures.

Water situation: The Cabinet reviewed a paper presented by the Minister for Home Affairs, Environment, Transport, and Energy concerning the current water shortage situation.

“The water situation is unprecedented and critical. We are experiencing the full effects of climate change. In view of the prevailing drought, we need to move very fast. We will take steps to ensure the water situation does not get worse,” said the President.

The Minister for Home Affairs, Environment, Transport, and Energy will give details to the media of the planned water provisions tomorrow morning.

Electoral law: The Cabinet reviewed the interim reports presented by the international election observer missions following the presidential election.

The cabinet decided to undertake the necessary constitutional amendments needed for the creation of an Electoral Commission and instructed the Attorney General’s Office to prepare the amendments. The cabinet also decided to make amendments to the Political Parties Act in order to enable regulation of sources and expenditure of political party funds.

“Constitutional amendments need to be made for the creation of the Electoral Commission in order to ensure our democratic process evolves further and that Seychelles can become a shining example for the good governance and democracy in the world,” said the President, who also holds the portfolio for legal affairs.

Liberalization of the airwaves: The Cabinet has decided to the reform the laws which regulate the cost of operating private radio and TV stations, as well the various options for a new radio and TV licensing structure to accompany the further liberalization of the terrestrial broadcasting spectrum.

Local Governance: The cabinet discussed the structures and legislation needed for the creation of a new local governance system that is aimed at empowering districts to take responsibility for their communities and decision making.

During his inaugural address on May 24, President Michel had reaffirmed his election pledge for a review of the local governance system.

“The time has come to give the district inhabitants more power to take decisions on what they believe is best for the development of their communities. Giving more power to the communities means greater participation in the decision-making process of their districts. The people of Seychelles want better services – and they are right. We cannot disappoint them. We have to redouble our efforts to find remedies where there are weaknesses. We will undertake a clean-up wherever there is a need for it. Let us give our citizens more hope. Let us remain connected. Let us, together, create a society that is even more dynamic, more innovative, more caring, and more prosperous,” said President Michel during the inaugural address.

PHOTO: Seychelles President James Michel / Image via

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St. Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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