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Seychelles SNP political party makes sexist attack on staff of Office of the President

Seychelles SNP political party makes sexist attack on staff of Office of the President ( The Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles has condemned the growing number of personal attacks leveled at the staff of the Office of the President by the Seychelles National Party’s newspaper “Regar,” which today published a sexist and highly-offensive article on the Principal Secretary for Presidential Affairs Mrs. Lise Bastienne on its front page.

The article is considered offensive to all the female staff members in the Office of the President and clearly shows the chauvinist stance of the SNP towards all women working in government.

This unprecedented attack on a female public official is clearly aimed at denigrating the authority of a woman in public office, her image and good standing in society, and her family, as well as her reputation as a woman in general.

The newspaper claims that “the position of Mrs. Bastienne is not a good reflection on the public service” because the SNP claims that it is “against the principle of a career structure” and that Mrs. Bastienne “spent almost no time in the public service” but was a “simple teacher” before a “personal appointment” in the Office of the President, which took place in August 2006.

All the staff members of the Office of the President are personally appointed by the President, on the recommendation of the Secretary of State, and, therefore, Regar’s insinuation of a personal favor is aimed at tarnishing the good reputation of the Principal Secretary.

This offensive statement also shows the complete lack of respect that the SNP has for the teaching profession and for young professionals, as well as for meritocracy, where talented individuals are given opportunities to make progress in their career in government, which are essential for the development of the public service beyond a conservative bureaucratic model.

This is not the first time the SNP has targeted women working in the President’s Office, and it reflects the party’s consistent criticisms of the President’s appointment of other competent young women professionals in the civil service in positions of authority such as chief executive officers, as well as members of boards of directors.

It is important to note that the senior staff of the President, by the nature of their work, speak on his behalf, meet people on his behalf, and execute his orders. Mrs. Bastienne, like her male and female counterparts in the President’s Office, has conducted her work with absolute professionalism and efficiency. All her colleagues know her to be very hard working and effective, and always timely in the discharge of the demanding responsibilities of her office.

The Office of the President is of the firm view that the personal attacks by Regar against Mrs. Bastienne are aimed at vilifying a loyal and hardworking member of the staff of the President, and that she has been unfairly targeted by SNP for effecting her role to the best of her abilities as a leading public official.

Furthermore, it is of the view that this represents a clear case of unethical political campaigning and irresponsible journalism and will submit it to the Seychelles Media Commission for investigation.

The Principal Secretary’s biography can be found on the State House website. The Principal Secretary’s office is found at the Annex building of the State House grounds, and not in the building of the President’s Private Office, as incorrectly stated by Regar.

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St. Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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