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Seychelles Tourism Ambassador opens new Italian model agency TO BE in Courchevel

Seychelles Tourism Ambassador opens new Italian model agency TO BE in Courchevel ( The opening of the new Italian model agency, “TO BE,” took place in the fancy skiing resort of Courchevel. The General Manager of the new Italian agency Alessandro Pindilli is a Seychelles Tourism Ambassador in Milan, Italy, and Art Director Vlad Metrevelli decided to organize a fabulous program for special guests, famous singers, models, fashion designers, and journalists. The event was sponsored by Lancome, Clinians Swiss, GHD, Vuarnet, Choccolati Italiani, and Marsell, and organizers had the great opportunity of inviting guests to spend a few days in the most luxurious place in Courchevel – Palace des Nieges - for skiing and fashion events.

Alessandro Pindilli and Vlad Metrevelli created a one-of-a-kind agency - a modeling, events, and communication agency - which will collaborate with many European agencies and provide the services for organization luxury events, fashion shows, and parties. This new creative duet got their start by organizing their own event – the exclusive two-day opening of their own agency. During this time, the partners showed all guests a highly-professional level of organization; unique symbiosis of sport, fashion, and music; and the careful selection of fashion creators, musicians, models, and make up and hair dressers teams, as well as all technical staff. The event was spectacular and enjoyable for the special guests and journalists, as welll as the whole team. A wonderful atmosphere made this event so unique and memorable and left feelings of happiness for everybody who had the great chance to be there. Happiness was in the air.

During the two days, all guests enjoyed special treatments in the spa salons at at the hotel and also had time for skiing. Special guests had the unique chance to see the work of fashion photographers who organized shootings for models and a collection of Lamberto Petri “La Maison de couturier” to see
work Fashion TV and sacred “behind the scene” backstage work of the designer, stylists, and Lancome makeup team – unique possibilities to know fashion from the inside.

At the first evening, all guests and models of the new “TO BE” agency were invited for dinner at “Chalet de Pierre” - a famous Jazz restaurant. The last evening was described as just splendid. The famous restaurant of Palace des Niege were transformed into a real palace with candelabras and lights. During the evening, Lamberto Petri “La Maison de couturier” showed his latest collection - a romantic collection for strong and funny women who know how and when to show themselves. A unique concept of the collection is the mix of Japanese fashion culture and the deconstruction of romantic typical Italian style. Woman can wear it at morning for breakfast, during the day for business, and just by changing her shoes, wear it in the evening. With Italian fabrics, style, and design refinement, Lamberto Petri holds by Italian tailoring tradition, with all Italian production manufacturing only in Italy.
The entire collection is about different cuts on black, no bold colors, with all attention to the shapes in order to show the most elegant and introspective parts of a woman's body, making it flirty and irresistably seductive. The volume of the designs makes the shapes similar to an angel's figure,like what we remember from esthete-dreamer Federico Fellini. It blends fantasy and the romantic silhouette of Lamberto Petri design in fluid fabrics such as pure silk and jersey.

After the fashion show with the floating seductive angels of “La Maison de couturier,” David Tavare, a young Spanish singer, opened a concert and dancing marathon. David is a young and very talented Spanish pop singer who released a new album, “I come back," not that long ago. And he's already known by the first single of this album, “Fotonovela,” which was so popular in Mexico, Chile, and Ecuador, that opened for him at all international dance floors this summer.

The next very special guest of the evening was Lou Bega. David Lubega, more known as Lou Bega, is a German musician of Italian and Ugandan origin and is famous for his song “Mambo Number 5." This song is a remake of the Perez Prado instrumental from 1949. Bega added his own words to the song and sampled the original version extensively. The singer was awarded for this song the German “Echo“ Prize, “World Music Entertainment Award“ in Cannes, the “Blockbuster Entertainment Award“ in L.A., the “Amadeus Award“ of Vienna, and the “Bunte New Faces Award“ in Berlin. David Lubega tours around the world with his band. Over 200 concerts in Europe have attracted over 3 million fans to his hit “Mambo Number 5.”

The evening continued with Spanish Fairy violinist and DJ Alan Alvarez. He mixed electro-symphonic melodies and classical songs all together in an amazing symphony of sounds and rhythms. It was like a sound of his soul made from the classical canonical music of Bach with the seminal electronic melodies and the most innovative mainstream of Jean Michel Jarre. He reached the emotion of everybody that evening with a touch of amusement for the intellectuals, the point of the whole “TO BE" event.

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St. Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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