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eTN Connect - the next generation in travel trade communication

eTN Connect - the next generation in travel trade communication ( eTN will be conducting select “Townhall Meetings” via telephone forums wherein eTN readers are presented a unique opportunity to communicate with leaders in the tourism industry, such as heads of tourism boards, CEO of hotels and resort groups, marketing professionals for cruise lines and airlines, etc.
eTN Connect brings a new level to presenting and exchanging ideas about a particular destination or product without stepping out of your office. To generate an audience for your appearance on “eTN Connect,” we will invite our audience initially by e-mail then remind those who wish to partake in the discussion by email and telephone call to expect a call from you for the meeting.
The system is set to allow 5000 participants per meeting, but it can work whether you have 50 participants or 50,000. The list of participants will be provided at the end of the meeting, so that you have the option of following up on a potential lead.
With eTN Connect, parties who intend to participate in the forum will be called instead of them calling in as in traditional telephone conferences. The system will be set-up in order for you to call your audience and invite them to participate, or leave their contact information for further follow up.
To make sure that your time on eTN Connect is maximized, our experienced staff members will monitor every aspect of the meeting. You will have a Co-Host to dictate call flow, manage the web-based control platform, and run live polls. The objective is to let you focus on creating a strong connection with the audience. We will also provide a Call Screener, who will manage incoming questions. Callers’ comments are dictated into the live control platform, so that your staff can select the topics that best reflect the purpose of your meeting. Participants in your live forum will be eager to engage in personalized contact that contrasts sharply with the junk mail and emails that they are accustomed to receiving.
Other Internet meeting providers simply drop their customers into a live forum and hope for the best. With eTN Connect, we (you and our team) create a unique telephone forum that makes it easy for you to communicate with your target audience.

eTN Connect is a joint venture between eTurboNews and TravelTalkMedia

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