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Former Seychelles President elected to Governing Council of the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International

Former Seychelles President elected to Governing Council of the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International ( It was announced from Glacis-sur-Mer that former Seychelles President James R. Mancham was unanimously elected as member of the Governing Council of the Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International (CAPDI) at its inaugural meeting in Phnom Penh in Cambodia on December 1, 2010.

CAPDI is the first organization in the Asia Pacific, perhaps in the world, bringing together political parties and the key institutions of democratic civil society, people’s organizations, think tank, academe, eminent persons, inter-faith organizations, business leaders, media, women, and youth groups.
CAPDI’s main aim is to mobilize mainstream moderates – whether political or non-political - to work for good governance, fight corruption, and campaign for the alleviation of mass poverty and for the empowerment of women, youth, and minority groups. In brief, it will strive to protect human rights, promote democracy, and join the various forces against climate change and the ill-effects of environmental degradation.

Governed by its Governing Council, which is headquartered in Manila for East Asia and in Islamabad for South and Central Asia, CAPDI will be guided by 12 main principles and objectives:

- Find common ground between the forces of capitalism and the forces of socialism;

- Reconcile the forces of extremism and excessive fundamentalism with the forces of moderation as an antidote to terrorism;

- Reach out to the forces of the Extreme Left and the Extreme Right;

- Bridge the social and income gaps between rich and poor by creating the Asian middle class and ensuring opportunities for all;

- Reconcile the principles of politics with the principles of religion, the role of the State, and the role of the Church must be delineated;

- Reconcile the forces of spirituality with the forces of secularism; public life can be empty without a moral purpose, and society can be rootless without some transcendent foundation;

- Rationalize relations between strong central governments, distant provinces, and outer islands for nations with pluralist and multi-ethnic societies;

- Rationalize the needs of development with the need to care for the environment;

- Bring together the great religions, great civilizations, and great cultures to avert a clash of religions and a clash of civilizations through interfaith dialogues;

- Reconcile the forces of nationalism with the forces of globalization;

- Rationalize the workings of the market with the social responsibilities of the State;

- Build strong family values and faith in a living God to mirror the great Asian community which is envisioned.

The Governing Council at this time is made up of the following elected personalities" President and Chief Executive the Hon. Jose de Venecia, Jr. who was 3 times Speaker of the National Assembly of the Philippines and the brain behind this first centrists, transnational regional political organization; former Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman of Pakistan China Institute, Secretary-General of the Pakistan Muslim League, and member of the Commission of Eminent Persons of the Organization of Islamic Conference, who has assumed the position as Secretary-General; Deputy Prime Minister Sok An of the Royal Government of Cambodia who is Minister in charge of the Council of Ministers in Cambodia’s Government, who has assumed the position as Senior Vice President of CAPDI; and the Hon. Jusuf Kalla, former Vice President of Indonesia, founding Chairman of KOLKAR Party, and President of the Indonesian Red Cross who has assumed the position as Chairman of the Board.

“Although CAPDI is a regional organization for Asia Pacific, it has, nonetheless decided to establish linkages with various regions of the world and to initiate outreach to other leaders actively committed to world peace and to the reconciliation process. In this connection, we are honored to have on board our Governing Council Sir James Mancham who is indeed a global citizen in all respects,” Hon. Jose de Venecia stated in a letter confirming Mr Mancham’s election.

In a statement issued this morning, Mr. Mancham said that in an age where the power of public opinion is shaping perceptions, influencing policy and mobilizing millions of people worldwide, he sees CAPDI as a vehicle and platform for the best that Asia Pacific can offer in the 21st century which has, in fact been dubbed “The Asia Century." “I have always felt comfortable with the rejection of the politics of extremism in favor of the politics of consultation and consensus,” Mr. Mancham said.

It is to be noted that Seychelles Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Jean-Paul Adam participated in the conference in Cambodia, which launched CAPDI in early December 2010.

PHOTO: James R. Marcham / Image via

MEDIA CONTACT: Alain St.Ange, CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board, Email:

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