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Airport Düsseldorf International

( Successful business results: Düsseldorf International doubles profit – airport group is consistently oriented toward competition.
Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH has successfully concluded the 2006 business year. The group turnover proceeds increased by almost twelve percent from 337.3 million Euros in the previous year to 377.1 million Euros. As a result, the surplus of 10.7 million Euros in 2005 was nearly doubled at 20.1 million Euros in the past year. Christoph Blume, spokesman of the management of Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH: “The positive results demonstrate the success of our strategy of consistently orienting the airport group toward the competition situation and also continuing to strategically develop business fields outside of the area of classic aviation.”

The economic development of the airport group can also be traced back to the increase in traffic. 16.6 million passengers visited the Düsseldorf Airport in the past year, which is a new record. Thomas Schnalke, business manager of the airport corporation had the following to say about this: “The proceeds from the operation of the airport were increased by twelve percent in 2006 to around 261 million Euros. In 2005, we had 15.5 million passengers, resulting in aviation proceeds of 230 million Euros.” Blume emphasizes: “Company success can no longer be generated solely through an increase in traffic. Rather, the focus is on the consistent expansion of profitable business activities and efficient company structures and strict discipline with regard to costs.”

Traffic development
Thanks to a new operating permit, the airport had 16.6 million passengers in 2006, which was more than one million passengers more than in the previous year. This is a growth of seven percent. The number of takeoffs and landings at North Rhine-Westphalia’s largest airport increased by around 7.5 percent from 2005 to more than 215,000 flights – also an historic high. Blume: “The market immediately transformed the additional capacities of the operating permit into new flights. Düsseldorf International was thus able to retake market shares that were lost in prior years due to authorization limitations.” With these results, the largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia maintains its status as the third largest airport in Germany, after Frankfurt and Munich. Intercontinental traffic was once again one of the most important growth factors in passenger development. More than 1.6 million passengers traveled by means of international connections, more than eleven percent more than in 2005.

Flughafen Düsseldorf Cargo GmbH (FDCG) also reports positive development: 97,000 tons of freight were handled by the specialists of the group subsidiary. This is an increase of around ten percent over the already positive results from 2005 (88,000 tons). The turnover for freight was increased by twelve percent from around 11.3 million Euros (2005) to 12.7 million Euros. “DUS Air Cargo Logistics”, the brand name of the FDCG, increased the freight handling by 67 percent since it was founded in 2001.

Non-aviation segment
Non-aviation activities are a major source of earnings for the company. Thomas Schnalke: “In the 2006 business year, Düsseldorf International also consistently pushed the expansion of the respective business activities. Once again, an increase in turnover proceeds was generated in the non-aviation segment: around 99 million Euros turnover was create. In 2005, this was only 88 million Euros. We will continue to expand the palette, develop new products, and orient ourselves toward the needs of the customers.”

In addition to the enlargement and optimization of the sales and restaurant spaces in the retailing area, the development and marketing of new advertising spaces were additional focuses. The service sector was also expanded.

In the past year, the expansion of the Airport City was also pushed further. “In the immediate vicinity of the terminal, we are implementing a high-quality business park in order to bring the site quality of the airport to a new level”, says Christoph Blume. The business park will be created by the year 2013 on a 23 hectare piece of real estate in the immediate vicinity of the terminal. The overall concept calls for the creation of approximately 250,000 square meters of gross floor plan. About one third of the overall area is already undergoing construction. An additional third of the area is in negotiations with concrete users.

Düsseldorf International will also make a contribution to the dynamic development of the economic site of North Rhine-Westphalia in the ongoing business year. The growth trend is continuing. By the middle of April, nine percent more passengers went through Düsseldorf than in the same period during the previous year. “I predict that we will reach the 17-million mark by the end of the year”, says Blume. Due to the authorization situation – a new decision of principle regarding the operating permit will be held in May in front of the higher administrative court in Münster – the traffic development at North Rhine-Westphalia’s most important airport is undergoing qualitative growth: Strong economic sites shall be directly linked with one another. “The acquisition strategy of the airport is oriented toward the needs of North Rhine-Westphalian economic relations: The export state of North Rhine-Westphalia is dependent upon fast and direct worldwide connections”, says Blume. There are twelve daily long-distance flights in the 2007 summer flight schedule. Within the scope of the development of the flight schedule portfolio, Düsseldorf International will continue to expand its intercontinental connections. The strategic planning of the Air Berlin group with LTU especially offer optimum conditions for this. In addition to the traffic development, the expansion of the profitable business areas continues to be the main focus of the group strategy. Further development of the Airport City area is currently running at full speed. At the end of the year, the Maritim group opened the largest congress hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia there. The expansion of the Non-Aviation area is also consistently pursued.

Site profits from positive airport development
The airport not only has successful figures in the area of company statistics. As a mobility provider, the airport is of central importance for the economic site of North Rhine-Westphalia and for the metropolitan region of Rhine-Ruhr. The positive airport development also leads to significant employment effects: For example, approximately 16,000 (15,864) people were employed at the airport at the end of the first six months of 2006. Within one year, the number of employees had increased by around 900, which is an increase of approximately six percent. This means that an average of 17 new jobs was created at the Düsseldorf airport each week. In 2006, the airport group employed an average of 2,311 employees. These are the results of workplace inquiries, which the Institute for Trade Research at the University of Cologne performed by order of the airport association. In addition to its important function as an employer, the airport also plays a central roll as a client for the regional economy. Thomas Schnalke: “In Düsseldorf and Ratingen alone, the airport association spent a purchasing volume in the amount of around 246 million Euros in the last three years.” Numerous small and mid-sized companies in the neighborhood of the airport profit from this investment power.

Note for editorial staff: The business report is available to you online at . After printing, we will also be happy to send you a personal copy. The printed version should be available after May 2.

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