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Cooking from the heart – Rancho de Caldera Chef Craig’s Culinary Secrets Now On Twitter

Cooking from the heart  –  Rancho de Caldera Chef Craig’s Culinary Secrets Now On Twitter ( NEW YORK,NY&BOQUETE, Panama - Chef Craig is in charge of the kitchen at Madre Tierra, Rancho de Caldera’s onsite resort restaurant in tropical Boquete, western Panama. Overlooking a lush valley, Chef Craig’s lunch and dinner guests can enjoy a view from the restaurant terrace that can change by the moment, particularly during the green season.

Chef Craig’s menu is an experience in the biodynamic approach to food. Asked about details, Craig explains: “Ginger, marigold, lemongrass and nature's pharmacy, the neem tree, all provide natural protection from pests on our farm. Their multi-use is one of the founding principles of the permaculture movement developed by Bill Mollison that we practice.

“We incorporate animals, fish, and produce into a complex, interconnected system allowing the animals to assume the work of traditional farm equipment and allowing plants to play the part of petrochemicals.

“We use the fast-growing water hyacinth as mulch and all of our kitchen waste is composted via our chickens in order to nourish the food grown on site. We have 4 types of limes, mandarin oranges, and Meyer lemons. We have bananas, grapefruit, passionfruit, mango, lychee, guava, pineapple, and araza planted and producing. In addition, we have tender culinary herbs growing around the kitchen and on our newly-planted rooftop where we will soon be able to provide our own spices such as cardamom, fenugreek, and Japanese burdock for the ethnic cuisines that make up much of our menu.

“Not far behind are our greenhouses made from sustainable bamboo, where greens, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and gherkins will filter into the kitchen supplying staples and baby cucumbers for our homemade pickles. What we can't provide for ourselves, we source through small growers in the Boquete area.

“We believe that food is medicine and that our bodies can only build and repair themselves correctly when the raw materials that support them are grown correctly and with all the care of a holistic mind set. We offer wine and beer at Rancho de Caldera, as well as innovative combinations of local fruits and herbs sweetened with honey.”

Sometimes Rancho de Caldera Chef Craig will share some of his culinary wisdom on Twitter href="mailto:(@panamatravels">(@panamatravels). Examples of recent tweets include:

Chef Craig: Poultry carving made easy… always remove the wishbone before roasting.

Chef Craig: Brining pork and poultry is the single best way to improve flavor and moisture.

Chef Craig: White vinegar and a clean cloth will make silver shine and wine glasses glisten.

Chef Craig: Take your time in the kitchen and enjoy… if its too much stress you should order out.

Chef Craig: Don’t overcook fish!

Chef Craig: A woman told me my French fries were the best in the world… ohhhh… stop.

Chef Craig: There is a fine line between drinking and drinking well.

Chef Craig: Life is the down time between meals.

Chef Craig: Wash your basmati rice… wash, wash, wash, wash, WASH!

Chef Craig: Key Limes (known in Panama as Limon Criollo) are incredibly useful.

Chef Craig: I’m baffled that people don’t put the quality of their food before everything else.

For more on Rancho de Caldera's sustainable, solar-powered approach to organic living in the tropics and photos and information about Chef Craig's gourmet cuisine at Madre Tierra restaurant, visit .

Panama Land Line: +507 720-4225 Panama Cell Phone: +507 6612-2147 From North America: (877) 810-0898 or (216) 220-0192 Email form: Follow Rancho de Caldera on Twitter: @panamatravels Web: View videos courtesy of Rancho de Caldera on YouTube:

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