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Explanations for the 2011 Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria

( VICTORIA, Mahe, Seychelles - Seychelles hosted a first Carnival in Victoria in 1972, which was attended by Princess Margaret of Great Britain. It was an opportunity for visitors to Seychelles to see and to appreciate the diversity of the Seychellois culture. This British Colonial Era Carnival has given the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) the base to organize the 2011 Seychelles “Carnival International de Victoria."

The 1972 carnival was a great success, with Seychellois from all the islands assembling in Victoria for the celebrations alongside the visitors to the country. The 2011 carnival will take place on a bigger scale and with an international flavor as carnival floats will this time be welcomed to Seychelles from the four corners of the world. The main organizer of the carnival is the Seychelles Tourism Board with Mrs. Marymonde Matatiken, manager of the eepartment’s Event & Convention Bureau, being the responsible person. Her email address is .

The three-day carnival will start with a big open restaurant-styled activity on March 4 where the city of Victoria will be turned into an entertainment venue with music from across the world and with food from the four corners of the planet. Participating countries are being encouraged to work with local hotels to set up alfresco restaurants in Victoria to showcase the different cultures’ culinary skills and delights. Music and food will be setting the stage for the theme of the carnival - “the melting pot of cultures."

The official opening of the 2011 Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria" will take place on that day when visiting dignitaries, representing various participating countries, will be invited to be present to witness the launch of the 2011 edition of the Seychelles Carnival.

The Victoria city celebrations will be a whole day and night activity where the concept of the melting pot of cultures will truly come alive.

Seychelles is actively inviting warships from many friendly countries to be in Victoria on shore leave for these three days of March (4-6).

The carnival day itself is set for March 5 where floats will gather at the Stadium at Roche Caiman and move in a carnival procession from 10:00 am towards Victoria. The carnival procession will then tour the main Victoria roads using Francis Rachel Street as its entry point,and return to Roche Caiman Stadium via the 5th June Avenue. It will be a circular loop that will take the procession from Roche Caiman back to Roche Caiman, with spectators lining the streets from start to finish.

Music and carnival costumes will be dependent on the different country’s floats. Seychelles will have a carnival song, which is being composed by a range of local artists and will take in the country’s three national languages - Creole, English, and French. Victoria will have music from different parts of the world to create the ambience of the different participating countries and set Seychelles as being truly the capital of the city that is the melting pot of cultures. After the carnival procession, the carnival participants will take the show to Victoria, supported by the local population who will be invited to join in the spirit of the carnival with their own costumes and accessories.

A number of international carnivals have been approached of which several have pledged their support, with others displaying a keen interest. The carnival will be widely publicized at all tourism trade fairs, workshops, etc., and via the several media outlets available. The Seychelles Tourism Board envisions attracting a strong and varied contingent from abroad that are currently working on with Seychelles also adding floats of its own, each one depicting a particular island. The STB anticipates wide local interest in what promises to be a very lively event from both locals and visitors who will all have ample opportunity to join in the fun. There are plans to hold a similar event each year.

This will be an excellent platform for participating countries to showcase their respective cultures and raise their profiles in front of the world’s press. Seychelles will meet all local costs relating to the carnival with individual participants meeting their own expenses of air access, accommodation, etc. Local players in the tourism industry will be encouraged to come on board with a raft of enticing offers to coincide with the period of the carnival.

In line with theirr excellent record in conservation and eco-friendly practices, all steps necessary will be taken to ensure minimal negative impact to the environment.

Alain St.Ange
CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board

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