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FESTIVALS IN INDONESIA ( takes a colorful ride through a riot of colors, culture and charisma to give their guests the experience of the dimensions of comfort and leisure at hotels in Indonesia from where they can explore the art of entertainment in a legendary land

Singapore – 08/06/10 – Perhaps the most amazing thing about Indonesia is its diversity. Being an open land, there is a wonderful amalgamation of various religions. As a result there are a myriad of celebrations in this country, which make for a rather special spectacle for visitors.

The most widely celebrated holiday is Independence Day, which is celebrated on 17th August. There is a huge parade in Jakarta which has elements of the Indonesian military, as well as school children. There are 5 star hotels in Indonesia that can provide a luxurious stay for the duration of the festive events that any traveler may choose to see.

In May, Waisak Day is celebrated at Borobudur Temple which is near Yogyakarta on the island of Java. This is to celebrate the enlightenment of Buddha. As is with every culture, Indonesia has its own New Year celebrations: Nyepi is celebrated as a commencement of a new year in this region. It is a truly unique celebration. People take out figurines of gods and cleanse them. Since the word literally means silence, the Indonesians do nothing on the day of Nyepi, and sit in silence as the whole island of Bali closes for the entire day.

In mid-June, there is the Bali Art Festival, which is an amazing opportunity to see the glorious culture of Bali up close and personal. It is conducted in East Denpasar. Another colorful celebration is the Bali Kite Festival. During this time the skies of Indonesia are filled with colorful specimens of traditional creativity. Around the same time, travelers should definitely take time off to watch the Negara Bull Races, where bulls in pairs draw chariots that are hurtled around the track.

There is an abundance of art and culture on display in Indonesia. The Munara Art and Culture Festival has wonderful art and dance displays. Many a tourist has marveled at the depth and variety of Indonesian culture which is a healthy mix of many races and religions. Predictably, the culture is equally mixed. There is an abundance of 4 star hotels in Indonesia where people can stay while sampling the culture of the country. They are known for high standards of efficiency, luxury and cleanliness. A spectacle worth watching is the Ramayana ballet, which is a beautiful depiction of the traditional Indian epic retold in a beautiful ballet form. Over 200 dancers help bring this to life.

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