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Poll reveals what factors make a dream holiday - Seychelles tops the list

Poll reveals what factors make a dream holiday - Seychelles tops the list ( One of the UK’s leading online independent travel agents has conducted research of 1,826 people to uncover what factors would make up a dream holiday for the majority of British holidaymakers.

The study by found that the optimum temperature for a “dream holiday" would be 28°c on average, while the dream choice of accommodation for most was a private villa; something which 78 percent of respondents agreed on.

When asked, “How long would your ‘dream’ holiday last for?" two thirds, 67 percent, agreed that three weeks was ideal. Respondents were also asked to specify how close they would like their accommodation to be to the beach and 59 percent of people stated 100 meters would be “perfect."

The poll also aimed to find out how much spending money Brits would have on their “dream" holiday, “within reason," and 81 percent said £1000 per week would be the perfect amount.

Almost all, 98 percent, of the people who took part in the poll said their dream holiday would be on an “all inclusive"basis; despite this, 76 percent would also like to eat out every evening.

When asked, “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you consider to be your ‘dream’ holiday destination?" the most popular answer was the Seychelles, with 1 in 5, 21 percent, agreeing.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, commented on the findings: “We’re all about giving our customers a memorable holiday, so we were eager to find out what exactly a ‘dream’ vacation was to most people. I was surprised 3 weeks was considered a perfect holiday for the majority, as I really thought it would be longer.

“When we looked more into it, however, we found that 41 percent thought they would miss home by the fourth week. It’s really interesting to break it down like this and see all the factors that make up a 'perfect' holiday for the majority.”

He concluded, “Usually, it would appear everyone has their own preferences when it comes to holidays abroad, but our study has found that when it comes down to it, people share pretty similar opinions on what a ‘dream’ holiday really is.”

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said to media reperesentatives following the publication of this survey that he was happy to see that the reflection of the British holiday makers reflected the basis of the new marketing drive by the Seychelles. “Our unique selling points are providing for what is considered a dream holiday. The diversity of islands - granite and coral islands - that make up the Seychelles, the world's best white sandy beaches of the Seychelles, the year-round summer of Seychelles refered to as the land of perpetual summer, the Seychelles' clear and unpolluted turquoise blue seas providing year-round amazing diving excursions, and the diversity of the people of Seychelles provides us with what we are today saying are the best five attractions for would be tourists," Alain St.Ange said.

Alain St.Ange CEO, Seychelles Tourism Board Email:

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