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The Tourism Board rolls out its Seven Wonders of the Seychelles

The Tourism Board rolls out its Seven Wonders of the Seychelles ( Following hard on the heels of its successful “From the Big Five to the Best Five" campaign, the Seychelles Tourism Board is moving to consolidate increasing public awareness of its unique selling propositions with a new campaign due to be rolled out on forthcoming Seychelles Tourism Board promotional tours. The new campaign makes powerful connections between the various wonders of the world such as the Great Wall, Pyramids, etc. and Seychelles' own diverse natural attributes.

"This new campaign is another way of focusing attention on all that Seychelles has to offer to visitors. Traditionally, we have been seen as a sun, sea, and sand destination, but increasingly, through campaigns such as these, we are showing consumers in many different markets that Seychelles offers awesome diversity," stated the Seychelles Tourism Board's director of marketing Alain St. Ange. “We are operating in a very competitive global environment, and so it is important that we bring all our resources to bear in this race for market share. It is also important that we cooperate fully and innovatively with our partners on the African continent to make full use of regional synergies."

While Seychelles tourism has traditionally concentrated on promoting its icons such as the Coco-de Mer and its magnificent granite boulders, Seychelles' recent promotional campaigns have increasingly focused on raising the profile of its many other attributes. These include the Seychelles Blues - the mesmerizing melding of the colors of the ocean with those of the sky, the great diversity of its flora and fauna that features the giant land tortoise and the whale shark, and also the world's tiniest frog, as well as the uniqueness of its cuisine.

The Seychelles Tourism Board sees this as an important evolution in its promotional campaigns and a way to further raise awareness among both the travel trade and consumers, that the Seychelles Islands offer a grand diversity of experiences unmatched by many of its competitors, as evinced by its growing number of niche markets: golf, casinos, eco-holidays, and spas.

"The 'Seven Wonders of Seychelles' is a campaign to open people's eyes to the true depth of the Seychelles Experience," St. Ange reinforced, “In our fast-evolving tourism industry, we shall continue to identify and showcase to the world the many riches with which our nation has been blessed and which, in many cases, position us head and shoulders above the competition."

Alain St. Ange
Seychelles Director of Tourism Marketing

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