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Seychelles is the new destination now in vogue for buying luxury villas

Seychelles is the new destination now in vogue for buying luxury villas ( The mid-ocean islands of the Seychelles has positioned itself as the new destination offering luxury villas for sale. This is being reported right around the world, and the latest country to bring out these new possibilities was South Africa in their respected “PROPERTY" magazine. Tony Vaughan had traveled to Seychelles to see why the Seychelles was now “in vogue" for the luxury villa market. He visited Eden Island and said: “Eden Island flirts with convention. Firstly, the design of the island, being man made, surprises in that it is not a 'conventional' island shape; instead, large parts of the island has been excavated to create more waterways and much of an 'at one with nature and water' experience than you would expect, creating an interest, a character, that defines the island. A feeling that, had nature been involved in the design, it would have been proud of its achievement."

The stylish Villas at Eden Island Seychelles, with their deep verandahs, are modeled on the old Seychelles plantations manor houses and allow a person to revel in a sense of openness, as do all the properties on this island paradise.
On writing about Eden Island, Tony Vaughan writes about a discussion he had with Alain St. Ange, the Seychelles director of tourism marketing, a person he describes as being magnetic and enigmatic. Tony writes: “Close your eyes and you hear Obama; yes you can - albeit with a French accent! Here in the Seychelles we're defying the trend, visitor numbers are up year-on-year by 12 percent. We must be the only destination in the world rerporting such growth in this economic climate. Quite simply we've transitioned from a government-led sector to a privatly-led sector fully backed by government; we've let go of the reins; we've allowed the private sector to take control of what is in their best interests; and it's working. We've also launched the 'Affordable Seychelles' campaign to move the perception away from the idea that we only exist for the rich and famous, to quote Alain St. Ange."

Eden Island today joins the other Seychelles properties, namely Desroches Island, the Four Seasons, Banyan Tree Resorts, and Felicite Island, to offer on the world market, luxury villas for sale, and they have turned the tropical island of the Seychelles, with its perpetual summer climate, as being the 'in place' for the purchasing of luxury villas. These private residences are being sold in tandem with a tourism industry that has been restructured and that is today working well. The country's tourism industry remains the pillar of the Seychelles economy for the mid-ocean islands and their 86,000 Seychellois population.

Alain St. Ange Seychelles Director of Tourism Marketing Email:

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